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All new to me just saying hi πŸ‘‹

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This is just a bit of an introduction of who I am and a bit about me. I am having alot of anxiety and panic attacks lately and wanted to connect with people who will understand me. The last 4 weeks has been exceptionally hard...I don't know how much detail to go into on a welcome thread but I thank anyone for taking the time reading and I wish you all a good day.

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Hello Rainbowpolly,

Welcome! It's nice to meet you, and good on you for having the courage to post. I am hopeful that you'll find the people here to connect with, as we are a forum of people who all have had experiences with mental health issues like anxiety and panic attacks.

We actually have a dedicated area for anxiety which I will link below, and you are absolutely free to create a thread in there to share your experience, or even to post on other people's threads. I suffered from depression a few years back and I found the best connections to be the ones where I was talking to others about their issues, because it helped me understand myself a little bit more while being of help to others.


Hope you are having a good day!


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Community Champion

Hi Rainbowpolly,

Wellcome to our forums!

Im sorry you are feeling this way.

I understand anxiety I had severe anxiety OCD I also had panic attacks they were horrible.

Ive now recovered from this condition thanks to the help of health professionals.

Have you been able to seek professional help for your anxiety?

Im here to chat

Thank you for the information James I will head over to the section. I appreciate your reply and I'm hoping to just find some like minded people to chat to. It would be nice not to get fobbed off all the time.

Hi Petal22

I do see a Clinical Psychologist for nearly 2 years now and he is wonderful and helps me alot when Im there unfortunately its once im alone with my own thoughts where I unravel....yes Panic Attacks are horrible quite debilitating

Thank you for the reply ❀

That’s great that you see a clinical psychologist.

Has your psychologist been able to give you any strategies for your anxiety?

I understand what you are saying in my early stages of going through my condition I felt good in my sessions but when I left I’d spiral again…… but this all stopped when I started to get a grip on what my cycle was and how to disengage from it before I got into panic mode.

I was taught some great strategies including thought challenging and meditation…

Im here to chat


I have been trying what he has suggested but unfortunately my alone time is my worst time, it used to be my best time. I added a thread to the Anxiety section which gives a run down on my compounding issues, some people may not think they are bad but everyone i suppose has their own demons.

I am trying alot of strategies to help, but its all so overwhelming sometime they just arent helping

Thank you