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separation in the courtsystem

Community Member
Hi everyone. I hope this is a valid question. Does anyone in this group has experience in dealing with separation/court/lawyers? I am personally looking for family lawyers familiar with, or specializing with narcissism. Thank you so much 🙂
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Ria_Boehmig~

Welcome to the Forum. I'm sorry to see you have been trying ot deal with someone who is narcissistic. I'm also glad you have the strenght to get out of a bad relationship - many sadly do not.


I'm afraid the Forum is not in a position to recommend any particular lawyers, the best we can suggest is to contact 1800RESPECT - which you may well have done already, and see what may be available in your area. I'd imagine this is a common occurrence and may lawyers and Family Law Court councilors will be familiar with this type of situation.


It must be a very  upsetting, stressful and taxing, as well as expensive,  time for you, and I wonder if you  have the support you need to cope well. It can be so easy to be 'ground down' and not look after your interests or yourself as well as you might. Is there anyone in your life - a family member or friend perhaps - who you can talk with frankly and be cared for and supported?