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Narcisstic Abuse in person support groups Melbourne

Community Member

Hi there, 

Just wondering if anyone knows of in person NARC abuse support groups in Melbourne please. Feeling a little desperate here. Thankyou.  

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Loyalmax~

Welcome here to the support forum, it's not a bad place to come to becuse if you use the search function (the spyglass on every page) you will find many who have had to try to cope with this, and may end up getting ideas for how you can cope too.


I get the feeling that you are finding things harder than you can accept and need outside support and perspective.


I'd make two suggestions (other than this forum of course) and the first is 1800RESPECT who help people with all forms of abuse and bad treatment, not just violence, and can assist you to work out what support you need and what is available in your area.


The other is our own 24/7 Help Line who too may be able to help.


Both of these are free and operate 24/7. Support groups can be helpful but there may be other avenues too. Do you mind if I ask if there is anyone in your life -a family member or friend perhaps - who you can talk openly with and get care and understanding?  It's often very hard to admit to someone if things are bad, however it can be worth it as trying to cope on your own is very hard, particularly as abusive behaviour can make one doubt oneself and outside perspective is needed.


You are very welcome to say more here if you would like



Eagle Ray
Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Loyalmax,


 I don’t know about in person support groups, but I’ve had to work on recovering from narcissistic abuse as well. Something I found helpful was watching the YouTube videos of Meredith Miller who specialises in narcissistic abuse recovery. She also has her own website called Inner Integration. She covers many topics related to narcissistic abuse and has been through it herself. I found her approach to be very informative and practical.


Best wishes,


Community Member

Hi Loyalmax, Croix & Eagle Ray, HNY! I’m new here, so not sure how this forum works but wondering about in person narcissistic support groups in Melbourne. 3099 area or beyond.   This time of year is terrible and after nearly 30 of NA I’m very down and stressed. I hope you’re all going ok. Hope to hear from you.