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Medication changes

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Hi guys,


I am new here and was wondering how any of you cope with medication changes and if you have any tips. I am not asking for medical advice but wondering what coping strategies do you guys use.


Thanks guys 🙂

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Kittycat12

Welcome to the forums.

Whenever I have to change any of my medications, I expect my GP or Psychiatrist, or whoever is prescribing the medication, to tell me how to go off one med & then how to introduce the new med.

I also ask about what I can expect to experience, likely side-effects, the best way to take them, what to avoid while taking them, etc.

If I might feel some unusual feelings, sensations, then I can feel prepared for that & be patient with myself about any such odd feelings I might have.

I also will keep talking to whoever prescribes the meds & tell them how I am feeling. That way they can monitor how the medication are or aren't working for me.

I hope that helps.