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Help with waiting for treatment

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Hi everyone.


I've been waiting a long time to try and see a psychiatrist, an experience I expect many here are familiar with. It's been months now with no word back from the clinic about when I'll get in and I can feel myself changing inside. I don't know what's happening but I am slowly cracking. I have trouble believing that everything is real, it feels like I need to fight in order to wake up. I often can't recall large parts of my life, and when I finally do I don't recognise them as my life.


I also have moments where my body does things that it wants to do, but my mind is screaming not to do it. Sometimes it's a simple thing, like staying up too late, but sometimes it can have greater consequences, like when I am texting someone and end up saying things I didn't want to. I don't drive for fear of having an accident, and I rely on my parents to take care of me. If nothing changes I'm worried that I'll fully lose control and do something publicly that is very much regrettable.


To avoid that outcome, I'd be interested in knowing what I can do should it come to that. If I feel things getting worse and I'm about to fall into a deep abyss of madness, is there something I can do instead. I would really appreciate any options, as the alternative ends with me being arrested by the police and I don't feel great around police at the best of times due to past traumas.


Thank you for any suggestions.

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Community Champion

hello and welcome.


I'm so sorry to hear you are struggling and in such distress waiting to access mental health support. Reaching out shows strength and self-awareness during an incredibly challenging time.


In my case... my psychiatrist leaves most the head/talk stuff to my psychologist. But there is still a long time between sessions. So I post here and people replied with helpful suggestions. My psychologist also suggested a couple of apps to use as well. If you want I can tell you the names of the ones I use.


If you feel yourself deteriorating further while awaiting psychiatric help, there are still options to get care and keep yourself safe. Calling a crisis hotline can provide immediate support and strategies.


Stay strong until those appointments come through. You have already shown how courageous you are by reaching out.


Hope some of this helps.

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Valued Contributor

Hello SadSoulGirl

Welcome here, it's great you felt able to reach out to us. I've also found talking here helps when my Psychiatrist is away. 

True, waiting a long time to see someone does seem to be very common now. Still, I'd be phoning the clinic & making sure they haven't lost your details, so you don't have feelings of being forgotten or your needs neglected. Did they even tell you approximately how long you'd be waiting? Give them a call, or your parent/s can give them a call on your behalf.


You are welcome to talk here, or BB has it's own counselling service, (see at the end of the page for that). They could help you more directly with what to do when you feel in need of urgent care. I think there are ways to get help without having police involved.


There may even be local community groups you could find out about? Lifeline might be a good place to start.







Thank you for the response, I found it helpful. I have tried a range of apps in the past, but often they just make things worse for me. I'll keep using my current coping strategies for now, and will hopefully be able to migrate to healthier ones when I see the psychiatrist.

I think I might do that. Along with my current strategies, just keeping in contact with the clinic might help me feel like things are happening, even if I don't have an appointment yet. Thank you for taking the time to respond.