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Adjusting to medication

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I’m in my second week of taking an SSRI and I’m feeling a bit down. I know that the first weeks are normally the worst and benefits can take a while, but I can’t help but think it’s just not working for me and won’t work.

I guess I’m wondering if you have any similar experiences, and any tips for managing side effects - mentally in sticking with it and physical too.


 I feel like my anxiety is worse, especially my physical symptoms. I’m really tired and restless at the same time. My chest feels tight all the time, my hands have been trembling and my jaw is hurting from clenching it. I tend to have this normally but it seems worse and more constant.

I keep having thoughts like am I really feeling depressed or anxious, maybe I’ve just convinced myself and the dr’s and I’m not really and this is not doing what it’s meant to.

Thank you



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Hello GreenEggs

I'd used similar meds, maybe a different brand or dose, so it's not at all easy to compare experiences. The best thing I think to do is to write down how you are feeling, physically & mentally, then take what you've recorded to the person who prescribed your meds. See what they say.

Even though it's been only a couple weeks, it would not be a good idea to simply stop using them without talking to your doctor first.

In the meantime, do things that are calming & gentle to yourself. Take a lot of quiet time, or only have your music on low volume. If you are like me, have people announce themselves at your door rather than having them suddenly, loudly knock. I also prefered to see someone in the room before they began to talk, if I was involved in what I am doing, that is, because I found noise so startling.

Or, if you can, get yourself out into the environment, parks, beach, walking somewhere, hopefully, again, where it is not too noisy. Pack a lunch in a cool bag, wih some water, too. 

Or, if you like, go to an art gallery, wander about there for a while.

& yeah, try to avoid things like coffee, sugary drinks; you don't need them right now, eh?

All the best



Thanks mmMekitty for your very kind reply and advice, I really appreciate it. I’ll try write down some of the things so far and keep notes from now on to give. I’ve been missing my walks so I will have that a try too - early morning is nice and quiet and calm. The air is crisp and chilly now too which might wake me up.