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Trust Issues

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The day started with me going to my GP who I trusted. I went with a letter explaining how I was feeling. She told me the only way she had to help me was for me to go to the Emergency Department. I did question her and say was she sure this was the only way and she said yes. She wrote me a letter and said she would call them so they knew I was coming. I told her that the main thing I was worried about was being treated by male workers because of my past with which she communicated that in her experience she has mainly dealt with female at this hospital. She also said she would ring me later on to see how I was going (this never happened) and that we would catch up in a week (which never happened as as she went on annual leave the day after I saw her). I went to hospital with her letter and the first thing that the triage nurse said was that my doctor didn’t have to send me to the emergency department for this (another lie). I had to talk to a male mental health nurse who walked in and pulled the curtains shut - found the whole experience frightening and useless and I said whatever I could to get out of the place. He let me go home after me telling him I want to kill myself but because I’m a christian and it’s a sin he felt I was safe to go home. The next day the Acute Care Team rang me to make an appointment but because it was another male mental health nurse I just told them I was fine and didn’t require their services. I’m really quite hurt by all the lies my GP told me just to get me to the hospital. I did forget to mention that 3 weeks before this the GP call an ambulance to take me to the hospital but my support person told them I was fine and they were happy with that. I’m doing much better now but how do you trust your doctor again? Or do you just find another? Has anyone else had a similar experience? I just wish she was honest with me.

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Hello Faitful, I'm sorry this must have such an awful experience, let alone a very disappointing result, and I'm sorry that I'm a male, but I have been on Beyond Blue for 21 years and have a WWC (working with children certificate) and will not make any comments to upset you.

Your doctor has let you done in more ways than one and for someone like this to do such a terrible broken guarantee, I would think that it might be best to find another doctor.

If you contact the BB phone number 1800 22 4636 then they can suggest several numbers for you to contact, but I know that it won't be easy for you, so please take your time.

Our best is thinking for you.


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Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry if I sounded like a man hater. Just at the time this happened I was just out of a DV relationship where I had been hospitalised and had to have emergency surgery and that was mainly why I was feeling as bad as I was and the doctor knew this history.

Eagle Ray
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Valued Contributor

Dear Faitful, I’m so sorry you experienced this. I agree with Geoff that looking for another GP seems like a good idea.


One thing you could try is looking at the websites of medical centres in your area or that you think you can travel to. Some websites include bios of the doctors including their areas of interest and expertise. Sometimes that’s a way to get a sense of whether they may be a good fit for you.


As you have come out of a DV situation an organisation that may be able to help is 1800RESPECT. On their website they mention providing support in going to the doctor and medical appointments. I don’t know exactly how they do that but you could try giving them a call and find out how they help. Their number is 1800 737 732.


Hope you are doing ok and that you find some good help.