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Tell us your thoughts - What's kept or keeping you here?

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone,

This is not an easy thread to make but I'm doing it because I think it's important.

I can see that you're all hurting and I know because I'm hurting too. Right now I'm in an easier place but it wasn't that long ago where I wasn't. Often we can find lots of reasons why we don't want to be here, and very few reasons that we do. So I'm making this post to bring everyone together to either find reasons to stay or show me why you've stayed. I don't care whether they are small or big reasons. They are reasons.

Please feel free to post below because I want to hear yours, and I want this to be a thread where people who come here can grab onto a reason too.

The reasons why I chose to stay -

- My dogs.

- Planning to die was very complicated.

- I wanted to hold on just in case things got a little bit better.

and now, I'm glad that I stayed. Please know that while suicide will end the pain, it will end your life too - so you'll say goodbye to any opportunities that things might get better. Opportunities for laughter, joy and beautiful memories. Sometimes it's about staying with the pain and finding other ways to let go of it without saying goodbye to our life.

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Community Champion
Community Champion


welcome to beyond blue.

you sound like a very caring person towards your friend. That is nice. Some (many?) times it takes a person with a lived experience to understand what the other person is going through. Not sure where else you have posted here, but hope that you both are able to practice self-care and looking after yourselves. If you want to chat about that sort of stuff, let me know (here?) and perhaps chat more and find other threads that might be useful for you.

Hope you are having a good Easter break,


Peace and comforting thoughts,


Community Member
nothing anymore. I sought help for depression and anxiety which I guess I advice received as ok. just don't know what I can do about a form of agoraphobia and phobias a out 4 wheel drivers but hey that's life. struggling with studies and as a mature aged student I don't care if pass or fail. got a bit of ocd but when I raised this issue got no help so will keep on doing it. so will not hang around here
Don't need support.


Hi Rusted,

It sounds to me like you do need support! Not sure if you will actually read this or not. I did have a search for possible threads and could only find one where you had posted once.

If you are reading this, would you like to let us know where we can find your previous messages.

Have you tried phoning the Beyond Blue support number?

Regarding your phobia about 4 wheeled drives, maybe people just didn't know how to respond to that, or maybe people just didn't see where you wrote about this.

When we are struggling, we feel like no one cares and no one can help. That is when we generally need help the most.

Regards from Dools

thanks for reply but it's not worth worrying about. I wrote in anxiety and another post in self harm which I wasn't just needed answer to how to.stop eyebrow pulling. got answer elsewhere.

rusty girl alias rusted

what keeps me here?
thought might. find others who may have similar issues I did but decided this not the place for me.
I am nothing special just a loner nobody just wasting time.

rusted alias rusty girl

Hi Rusty Girl,

Everyone is special! It does sound like you feel very lonely. Do you feel as though you are finding it difficult to connect to people here on the forum?

People here do care. It can take time for connections to happen. Sometimes the forum is very busy.

Smallwolf has started up a thread for Singles who are wanting to connect with people. I am not sure of the exact title of his thread. If I have a look for it now, I will loose this one. I am not very tech savvy so don't know how to do two things at once here.

It sounds like you are hurting right now. I know that is not a good place to be in. I have been there and I don't like it very much.

Hope you do stick around!

Cheers from Dools

Hi again Rusty Girl,

I found Smallwolf's thread. It is called

"Singles Support on BB" in the Staying Well section.

Cheers from Dools

Hey Rusty

Im worried about you

please try to find that teeny weeny glimmer of hope and grab it with both hands

you are worthy

I agree with you Downhill daisy. And Rusty you must have that tiny bit of hope there in your heart somewhere. Otherwise you probably would not have posted in here.

Thank you for the information. I am struggling with a lot of things. Study is taking its toll on me. I have an assessment on suicide tomorrow and panicking as not studied for it. I am not sleeping well ( I do know about good sleep hygiene) and diet is poor. My concern is I will fail the course even though I have been given a placement and have to contact the agency for an interview. I have a few days left to do that. I need to get myself sorted out first.

I woke up late, shaky and with a headache. Tried support from ex husband but all he said when i felt low to think positive, haha. funny when don't feel like it.. Oh well I guess I will pick myself up. Got my medications to take and will fake it tomorrow. Will not let teachers know how I feel. One already concerned I am not ready.

I will take it to prove them wrong. I guess this is just another bump in my road to recovery.

rusty girl (alias rusted)