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What's your new years resolution?

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion
Some years ago I made a resolution for New Year that was rather simple but very effective and achievable.

My plan was to get the best balance of medication, therapy, family harmony and sleeping pattern that I could possibly achieve. I began with a visit to my GP which resulted in a sleep study and that led to the discovery of mild to moderate sleep apnea. I've used a CPAP air pump ever since and that has changed my moods for the better along with a reduction in melancholy periods.

Family harmony was achieved with the removal of a close relative that proved destructive my whole life, boy, have I been far less stressed!.

I'm always working on balance but approaching new year it's an opportunity to reflect on the year that's passing to fine tune my life.

So my new years resolution is- more caravanning and reading up on mental health conditions that will assist my knowledge.

What's your new years resolution?

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Elizabeth CP
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I find setting goals for each new year helpful. Many pass on from year to year when relevant. For example walking each day to maintain fitness and contacting each of my children each week. By reviewing at the end of the year I can decide what is really important and recommit to these things.

2020 has been such a strange year so I haven't stuck with my goals but 2021 gives me a chance to refocus. I will come back once I've decided on my goals

Community Champion
Community Champion

Tony as my plans for this year were radically changed on NYE2019 , I really dont trust making plans or resolutions as they will probably change. I just plan a day at a time.

I applaud those who can plan ahead and make resolutions.

Elizabeth I like your plan to refocus in 2021. I admire your faith to try again.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
To see more of Australia- so travel

Overseas travel- covid pending

To continue drinking fresh homemade whole fruit and veg juices and smoothies

To stay on the forums

Community Member

My New Years Resolutions are:

- Stop bothering with people who don't bother with me and care about me, this includes so called "family" such as my new found cousins too, people who can't even ask how I am and say hi and reply to my messages even if I check in on them. Already got 2 toxic people, 1 a family member, 1 an old "friend" out of my life. No actually, 3.

- Come on these forums more often and try to interact on more threads.

That's all I can think of currently.

Two years ago a cousin became a friend on Facebook.

Last month I'd realised over that period I'd asked him 40 questions about his life. He asked me zero. In fact he hasn't even known I'd remarried 9 years ago.


Sorry to hear that Tony. Some people just aren't worth the time. That's why these forums are good. I think they're an escape from Facebook & whatnot.

Community Member
I never set goals. That way I can avoid the disappointment when I fail at obtaining them

True TheBigBlue, but I'm sure you can achieve things xx


I like you resolution to stop bothering with people who dont care.

I am a people pleaser and can spend time on people who are critical.

I think it is something to aim for as i waste lots of time and energy on people who are not helpful.