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Vent and then let it go...

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Not sure about anyone else but sometimes I just need to vent, including venting any frustrations, fears, hopes, worries, longings and anything else. Most of the time I don't want any advice or any responses. Just need a way to get it all out from within me.

So thought this thread could be for those sort of things. No one replys to you with words or anything. It's a place to let it all go. Just dump whatever it is you want to say and leave it here.

So yeah no replys please.

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I just want this to get out of my life... the sadness, the aloneness, the fear, the misery, the grief, the pain in my mouth, the regrets, the lost feeling, the awkwardness, the self conscious sensation, the tired up and prison feeling, the heaviness, the ugly and fat feeling,the lack of true connection to other people feeling, emotional eating, shame, despair, discouragement, unforgiveness, bitterness.

You will no longer keep me trapped and locked up in all that yuckness and what feels like hell. This is not who I am.

You have no hold on me.

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Can feel bitterness in my very soul. I hate it. I want it to get out from me. I know it distorts the way I see.

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Not sure where I am up to

The stuff I am on now is all natural except the antibiotics which I have a couple of days to go on that.

The natural is helping some.

Last night was not so good. I started using something chemical free to help with my gums. But it somehow dropped onto that filling tooth. Pain shot up from somewhere in it and around it. I was praying and oil rinsing /pulling with the clove. I could not take anymore of the chemical pain killer as I just took the last one about an hour before. And my three days were up of the safe amount of time to take them. The oils did help. And I massaged with lavender and peppermint oil which helped me go back to sleep and soothe my mouth once again.

All these meds, natural things, and the dentist appointments are adding up. As in money. We are not a high income family at all. It just feels like so much money has been spent on all this. And more to come.

An appointment was made last year for an appointment at the second dentist for this year. They were an holidays. The appointment is on this following Monday. I am going to pray that she can work all this out in my mouth. I just want the ordeal to end. So much fear, confusion, heaviness I have felt over all this. It has been so hard verbally speaking to all the people. Pretty sure it all or mostly all came out in a complete mess. As nothing was clear in my thoughts. Just all a jumpled up mess.

The latest dentist I saw referred me on to a specialist. I rung them up and I know whatever I said was just a mass of confusion. And somehow I have an appointment now on the same day as the other one. I cannot make it to both. There is not enough time in between.

And now as I write all this, it appears I am one of the people that somehow sees issues like mine as huge mountains. And like I am in some horrid drama. And I have exploded everything. I hate that in me, if I am doing that.

I am just not used to all this. I am mostly a keep to myself person in real life. And definitely not used to going to appointments after appointments. Just like living life simple like.

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So tired, mixed up thoughts all a mess

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Community Champion

Hello Lovely Shelly...

Im sorry you’re I. Pain with your mouth and gums...I need to go to a dentist and have most of my teeth pulled out and have some dentures made...atm the cost and waiting is too high..Ill wait until I reach aged pension then I think it’s free...

Do you have an infection on your gums?..don’t have to answer that..I just asked because I am a real believer in a warm salt water rinse a few times a day...I don’t like to take antibiotics...and the salt water works well for me...worth a try if you wanting something natural...also Bon Jell (babies teething gel also helped me....

I use warm salt water for any infection I get on my skin, mouth etc...

Are you okay lovely Shelly?...

I know your only want to vent dear Shelly..but sometimes it does help to chat to someone..Here for you with a lot of care if you do want to chat..about anything at all..

Big hugs lovely Shelly with a hug 🤗..


Thankyou for your compassion Grandy, I felt it through the screen. Not sure what to say about you getting dentures. But I hoping you yourself is not in any mouth, gum or teeth pain. It's horrid.

My mouth ordeal has been going on since mid November.

It is almost the first time in my life that I have taken antibiotics. My face was very swollen up. I hung off as long as I could. I am very much a natural person. Prefer to only consume things that will not harm me.

Not sure exactly what is wrong and none of the dentists have told me a lot. And even if they did, I may not remember clearly as emotions like fear speak so very loud to me. I most likely sound confused when I do verbally speak.

And yes I have been doing warm salt rinses as well.

As soon as my head clears more, I will write any questions down and also what has been happening with my mouth. I just decided that as I was writing to you just now. Give it to the dentist on Monday.

Some days this feels like more then I can endure. It has been going on for so long now.

I so much desire someone to just come into my bedroom, were I am lying down at the moment. And say gently it's going to be okay. You will be alright. Then tell or show me what to do about all this. It's just all so heavy Grandy. Others may be able to cope with this kind of stuff. But not me.

And yeah I know about bonjella. The gel for babies.

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Community Champion

Dearest Shelly..

I can hear you sound so defeated through your words..I really wish I could be sitting next to you lovely lady I would hold your hand and and gently give you a warm comforting hug....Shelly you will be okay..I believe in the strength you have in your beautiful soul to get through this...Please don’t loose your hope nor faith that this will pass...because it will...I so much wish that I could help with your pain...

I mentioned Bonjella...because the clove oil can burn your gums or nerves in the teeth..and cause more pain...Please be careful when you use the oil....

Good girl writing things down...about what’s happening..it’s easy to forget what we want to ask once we are at the appointments due to our anxiety...

Just wondering if you listen to “Abide” stories on YouTube..while your trying to sleep...They are bible stories and very comforting to listen too...I listen through the day sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed...

I hope you sleep good tonight and tomorrow will be a better day then today was for...

Remember lovely Shelly..that I/we are here for you..and want to help you the best we can..

My love, care and hugs..Shelly..💜🌹🤗.


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Hey Shell, I know this is just a thread for you (and maybe others, I don't know) to vent, but I just wanted to say that I hope you're alright, and I hope others here are aswell.

I'm always here for all of you, take care and be safe everyone.

Shelll"s I Love this Thread

To Dump and Go like an RV recreational vehicle Stop.

zero reply advice or response.....Cool

Today I have Migraine and have experienced passive aggressive bullying

All this Trouble I leave behind and now vamoose.............................................................