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Vent and then let it go...

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Not sure about anyone else but sometimes I just need to vent, including venting any frustrations, fears, hopes, worries, longings and anything else. Most of the time I don't want any advice or any responses. Just need a way to get it all out from within me.

So thought this thread could be for those sort of things. No one replys to you with words or anything. It's a place to let it all go. Just dump whatever it is you want to say and leave it here.

So yeah no replys please.

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Many aspects of this world and life anger me right now.

I hate the fact that my father worked hard his entire life, always treated people with respect and kindness, gave of himself to all, and especially to me, yet he was robbed of being able to finally retire and enjoy the fruits of his labour.
He is taken away, yet people who kill, steal, abuse their spouse, abuse strangers, lie, cheat, deceive or otherwise contribute nothing positive to the world, continue to live to inflict suffering, and in some cases thrive on it.

I despise the bureaucracy of our world, in which people are only numbers, we are assigned a number at birth, a tax number, a health number, a marriage number, and even a death number. To be wiped away from their systems once our time is up.

Having to deal with many facets of government recently has highlighted to me how people fall trough the system so easily. It was only when I myself contacted higher powers that I was finally treated as a human, I guess when people feel that their employment is in jeopardy, they actually begin to take their work seriously.

I hate myself for being a burden to my father for too long, and the fact that I can never repay him in this life the way I feel I should.

I am angry that I am powerless to change what happened. I am angry that I must feel this world now deprived of the radiant spark of my father.

I don't belong here,longing for the upper place

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Hello Shelly...

I am sorry you said no replies...But I am concerned for you and wanted to know..RUOK.?..

love and care dear Shelly...an a warm comforting hug..🤗.


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Valued Contributor
Feel betrayed that certain ppl can act one way to your face but are the complete opposite behind your back.

How am I supposed to feel knowing that my own blood father has rejected his only daughter. The man has problems and issues but I didn't think our relationship would probably become non existent.

Why would a father be such a pathetic father. For someone that's achieved a lot how could he be so inhumane.

I've known this as a little girl. He is a cruel and empty person at times, detached and cold hearted.

Other times he's so generous and you would swear he's an angel.

Some ppl believe there is a place for bad ppl in this world. Maybe he will go to hell.

Perhaps that distance between us means it was never meant to be.

My vacant father.

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I have spoken the wrong words again. I am so horrid, ugly, mixed up. And sad.

I didn't mean to hurt him with my words. I have asked him to forgive me and that I am so very sorry.

I am not horrid. True the words I said were ugly, horrid and unkind. And I think it grieves me to know that I have said them. There is power in words... there are words that can build people up and words that are destructive and can possibly tear them down. I long to only have kind and building up words come out of my mouth towards others and especially this person that I think I hurt. But I did not have them that time. It was never my intention to hurt him. I was so hurting myself.

Sometimes it is so hard for me to say the building up words especially when I am frustrated, tired, sad, hurt and feeling so rejected. So just tuned in to my own self, so focused on my own self. Sick of self.

Hi all,

We just wanted to step in and restate our earlier reminder on this "staying well" thread.

We know there can be therapeutic value in venting life's little frustrations in a safe, friendly and anonymous environment like this. The alternative can often be detrimental to our wellbeing: keeping all life's little frustrations bottled inside is not sustainable long term.

We thank you for taking the initiative and creating this thread which we hope many will find benefit and a sense of community in. Who doesn't like to know there are others who have the same or similar bugbears to us!?

That said, we just want to remind anyone thinking of contributing to this thread to consider whether or not this "staying well" thread is the most appropriate place to share their concerns. We urge those wanting to share more serious matters (concerning things like abuse, suicidal thoughts or self-harm) to consider doing so in a new thread of their own.

While we understand the "no replies" sentiment expressed at the beginning of this thread, this is a discussion forum so back-and-forth conversation, with replies and replies to replies, are encouraged.


If I can be so bold- I think this thread can be a little tricky to navigate. There is so so much power in venting it out, having a space to be with no-judgement, not having to worry about what people think and being able to feel what you feel without anyone trying to fix it or make it better. So I do really appreciate this and it's intention; we need it. I haven't posted again here but it has reminded me to journal again since that's often my place to go.

At the same time though, this is a support forum- which means we want to be here for each other, not just to share experiences but to offer support, strategies and to help people feel less alone. I think we try to create a sense of community, which is why a thread like this is so different since the aim is to really not talk to each other!

I'll leave it there for now but hopefully something to think about when posting, and also making sure that everyone here can have a balance of being able to vent and being able to be heard.


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Other ways to vent...

Write it all out on environmental friendly paper. Then tear it up in pieces and toss it way out into the ocean.

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Now being ignored by him. So very sad. Started to have a bit hope before. Hope that things may be better. But no it has gone back to the way it was before.