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Three things to be thankful for today

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Some days it is really hard to find anything to be thankful for when we feel overcome by the darkness and fog of depression. If I look hard enough, I can find something to be thankful for.

I would like to encourage others to write down three things they are thankful for, and to realise there is a sense of hope available to us all. Sometimes it is just a little hard to find!

So my three things for today are:

1: The lovely singing of birds in the morning as they welcome in the new day

2: The ability to read and write

3: A lovely hot shower.

Wishing all the "family" in BB Land a day full of noticing the nice things in life. Kind regards to you all, from Dools.

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Thankful for

offspring reaching out for me

watching family experiencing a milestone

my colourful comfortable happy boots

Community Member

Working with my favourite worker.

Going out for lunch Thursday.

Holiday to Pakm Cove Qld in 3 months

Community Champion
Community Champion

Thankful for:

The opportunity to set my own future

My friends, once again

My ability to write assignments fast and with great accuracy

Community Champion
Community Champion

today i am thankful for

a supportive job

an opportunity to rest

my amazing family

jaz xx

I am thankful for:

a walk with my dog I managed o squeeze in between the rainfall

a hot, hot cup of coffee upon my return

a blanket to keep me warm

Thankful for

being willing to apologise

having had loving parents

people who share their stories with me


for being able to vote


hot showers


for grandchildren


this thread

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Today I'm thankful for;

My generous & loving partner

The warmth of the car after being out in the wind

Family time

Reasonably priced petrol.

(Sorry, that's 4)

Community Champion
Community Champion

i am thankful for

-the be earning money and have a job

-for supportive friends and family

-to be alive

jaz xx