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The blue heart of the ocean

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The heart is powerful it is way we show love and compassion  to those in our community who are struggling. There are many things we can learn from living our life giving to others and taking care of others.


The story of compassion


I would like to tell you some stories of compassion. I beleive the earthgoes around through the power of giving to others and helping not just the king but also helping the poor. We must not look at everyone you meet with anger and hatred you must look at everyone with love and a giving spirit. 


I grew up in a home of teachers and we would always have people and family over to our house and there was never a time my mum turned anyone away there was always food on the table for everyone and we where happy and content. My parents worked hard but they always had love for everyone they came into contact with. A great example was one year at christmas we had a wonderful christmas and we cooked for 40 people that is how compassionate my parents are.


The second time I saw compassion was when I volenteered in a soup kitchen and I made coffee and tea and meals for the community at the local church. I beleive in the power of compassion and looking after those less fortunate . If you say to some one how was your day can I support you.


We are so lucky to live in Australia there are so many in the world that don't have what we have. You must always be gratful for what you have. There are those in this world who don't have hot food or shelter. You must realise how blessed you truly are.


When you realise that compassion and giving to others is the way you want to live your life will be more profound and richer in more ways then one.All you need to do is find out in your community need help and do it. It could be as simple as cooking for people or if your a good builder making furniture and donating it.

You need to find out what am I skilled at what can I do to help other people.


This is the true measure and power of the heart 




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Valued Contributor

Hi Elephant86

Beautiful post, with a great message. Your parents sure did a good job of showing you wht it means to be compassionate.