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Struggling with motivation for weight loss & healthy living/general,self care

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Hi all, I haven't posted here in a while as things have, overall, been going pretty well for me.


I found myself a good GP, I switched jobs and now have a job I love, working with as great bunch of people, I have been taking medication for my anxiety which has really helped, and after procrastinating for years I finally got started in a uni course a few months ago which I have loved and done pretty well in my first subject.


After the lockdowns I had put on a bunch of weight and started on a bit a fitness kick in late 2021 and shifted some weight which worked for a while, but nothing seems to stick. I can't seem to stick to a healthy eating regime, and in the past few months have really struggled with any kind of motivation or desire to properly take care of myself.


While there is good stuff going on in my life, there have been a lot of stressors too. Some financial stuff as a single parent, just basic keeping up with managing my life is often a struggle for me. My kids are older and my teenager (16) has been in counselling for anxiety and depression for a couple of years now. Earlier this year my eldest (23) got a diagnosis of ADHD. This was an A-ha moment so we then pursued an assessment for the 16-year-old, and now they also have an ADHD diagnosis and (most likely) an ASD diagnosis. Of course this has triggered a huge guilt trip in my own brain because as their mum I haven't picked up on this earlier and they could have had better support at school. However at the same time, after having done a lot of reading to try and support my kids I am thinking maybe there is ADHD at play for me too, because it chimes with a lot of what has been my life experience.


So all of that has been a lot, and has contributed to my health spiral. Earlier this year I ended up in hospital and having an operation due to my unhealthy life choices. That should have been the wake up call to make me change, but it only lasted about 6 weeks before I went back to my old ways. I've tried the CSIRO diet, tracking calories in apps, joined Les Mills, meal delivery services, bought an exercise bike, bought roller skates, tried atomic and tiny habit changes and nothing is sticking. 


I'm kind of at my wit's end with myself and don't know what else to do. I know this seems like the most first world problem ever, but the fact is my life is at stake. If I keep going this way I am going to have a heart attack or something. This morning I stepped on the scale and I am almost back at my post-lockdown weight which has made me realise I need help, so I'm reaching out here in the hope that someone can relate and maybe some offer advice or share what has worked for them.


I'm sorry for such a long and rambling post.

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Hi, welcome again


Maybe its time to pat yourself on the back? Your childrens diagnosis isnt your fault. Be clear to yourself in terms of blaming yourself for things that are out of your control, all that does is lead to self criticism.


As for you having ADHD the mental makeup of individuals is complex. You might have a snippet of it and mental illnesses can overlap. I was incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD in 2004 then took subsequent meds for 6 years and none of the 12 tried helped. Then another diagnosis resulted in NOT having ADHD but had bipolar. The mania mirrored ADHD. So best never to jump to conclusions with "possible" illnesses.


Weight loss. Nothing ever worked for me until recently my wife went on the injections and she lost a lot of weight. I've been on them for 2 weeks and I can say I've never had less appetite so I know I'll lose weight, talk to your GP about that. Again though, you've had stresses and I know what it's like to over eat and put on enormous amounts of weight. Be kind to yourself. Try not to weigh yourself until you really know you've lost a lot of weight. That's being kind to yourself.


Attending motivation lectures can help with life in general, positive groups, hobbies, sport even barracking for a team. The following threads might help. Read the first page of each.






I'd be interested in your thoughts.