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Small achievement you managed to do today....How did it make you feel? Did it help you feel better today?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi everyone..

Their are days when just getting out of bed is a huge achievement...Other days we can achieve things like washing up the dishes or clothes, sweeping the floors, mopping the floors..very mundane and automatic robot like chores for the mentally well...They do these chores without even thinking about them...for people struggling with their mental health..these are huge tasks...

Very often I’ll get my vacuum cleaner out to vacuum ...then it will sit their for days, me looking at it, walking over it...until I can get motivated enough to vacuum..after I do find the motivation to vacuum...I am pleased with myself...
Right now I have a small foot cycling peddle machine, sitting on my front veranda..I got it out last week..to start exercising..it’s still their, I’m still looking at it...My thoughts each night is I’ll use it for a few minutes tomorrow..

My car hasn’t been washed getting close to a year now I think...Today I did managed to wash it....and discovered that it has a nice shine on it.....I did it...I achieved something positive today..which made me feel better in myself...

Have you achieved a little something today...and how did it make you feel...If you want to share that achievement it might make other people a bit more motivated to achieve something they need/want to do..

Looking forward to hearing about your achievement....and how it made you feel..

Little steps and achievements can lead to bigger steps..and bigger achievements...

My kindest and most caring thoughts...everyone.

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey everyone, nice to read all the achievements! 


Good Grandy, I'm glad you agree mowing the lawns IS a big achievement.... lol about the neighbour's lawns LOL!!
I'm sure my neighbours think the same about my property hahaha. One noeghbour must not be able to STAND it and mows the front Council strip, it's about 30cm wide because I've PLANTED IT OUT so there's less lawn. 


Hey quirky, I hope you're recovering well? 
Yeah it's mixed reports here about Covid Mark 1 and having it the 2nd time for many of my co-workers. 
None of us living in our home have had it.... yet. Shocked about that since we have all been "essential workers" and worked more hours DURING lock downs than out of it. 

But the ACs have had it, not their kids though hmmm. 


My MAJOR achievement this week was doing 14 - 16 hour days at work, not every day thank goodness. So many reviews happening so we're under the pump for sure. 
Feeling pretty tired lol. Still I HAD to spend time in the garden just to have a break from the laptop and inside work. 


Love EMxxxx

Paw Prints
Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I weeded my pot plants & emptied the pots with dead plants... so the back verandah is looking a bit tidier

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Paws, LOVE that you got your pot plants looking nice on your verandah. Is the weather getting warmer where you are? 


I went to bed very early last night, like 8pm. That was my "small achievement" hahaha. Gosh I needed that sleep. Of course I'm wide awake 5h later.... having a cuppa, catching up on BB, hanging out with YT lol. 


Have a wonderful day everyone, 
Love EMxxxx

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Beautiful Friends….🤗..


I have achieved so much this week….opening up the shop on Saturdays for the very first time…Travelling to the bigger town to get all my tests done on my leg/hip and back….Not on my own though….still can’t do that….I did ask Betty to come with me….We even stopped off at a Chinese type cafe…and some amazing food for lunch….Then today I mowed my lawns…I had my step counter on…6,953 steps, 407 calories and in total 6.4 kilometres…imagine mowing in a straight line for 6.4 kilometres😂😂..


Had a shower and washed my hair…Now I’m rewarding myself with a nice cuppa tea…fresh bread roll with corn beef, tomato and cheese…sitting outside on my veranda while my hair dries….Tomorrow a mammogram…Then Saturday work again…I am happy with myself for my efforts and achievements this week….


Hope your all having a good day today…hugs everyone🤗..remember every little thing you do…is an achievement..,



Community Champion
Community Champion

Wow Grandy you must have an enormous lawn or were the steps from other things, just being silly.

welldone on the effort. I want to a step counter but have no idea technically how to. I need a simple one. 
i have been away from my normal routine so keeping  busy is distracting me. 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Lovely Quirky,


Yes my lawn is a big lawn…over an acre of grass that needs mowing….


I downloaded a step counter onto my phone…and wear my phone in my back or hip pocket, when I’m at work or mowing my lawns…..trying this when I’m not doing anything at home would probably show up under a 100 steps 😂😂😂…I think I’ll not do that though…might disappoint me to much…


That’s okay about being away from your normal routine…sometimes we need a change from routine…..


Look after yourself sweet quirky and everyone..





Community Member

I’ve recently overcome a big milestone or goal I have had for years. I have finally set a boundary with those ‘close’ to me in my life. I’ve just recently celebrated my 25th birthday and have always been a push over or had very little confidence to stand up to those in my family who intimidate me or manipulate me.


I was able to set a clear boundary with a person I’ve had a very tumultuous relationship with since I was a child. It was with this very person who helped me set clear boundaries with another family member who has also been in my life since I was born. In doing this, it has led a chain reaction to setting the same clear boundary with an ex of mine.


My psychologist and Counsellor are so proud of me and I am very proud of myself! I have finally stood up to people I have been so scared of offending, making upset or angry. I clearly stated my boundaries and did not budge or give in to the unforgivable cycle of abuse and manipulation. I am most proud that I kept these discussions short and simple and in an appropriate and communicative way that I am so very proud of. 

It has made me feel so powerful and unstoppable and I feel so proud of how far I have come. I even love the fact that I still tried to help these people even after they tried to hurt me and manipulate me. I have broken years of generational manipulation tactics and squashed them all.


I have shown my young child that you can still be civil and have love for family even when they try to use you as a scapegoat. I have shown my son that you can have clear boundaries and still keep your mental health in check. I have shown my son that you can have a difference in opinion and still wish and want the best for those who hurt you. I am so proud of myself for finally taking a stand to those who scared me. 

Hi anon143, congratulations! This is a big milestone. 😊 I as well have similar issues, with those who are close to me and definitely toxic to me... it is not easy.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Everyone,


Dear anon, that’s not an easy achievement to put into place…very well done…I have so much trouble setting boundary’s that it does get me into a mess at times….Well done 🤗..


I did get some washing done today…also washed my dishes and cleaned up my kitchen…while I was still in my pyjamas 😁…I didn’t feel the need to change into day clothes as I stayed inside today….Oh and I made a super yummy mushroom gravy which I had for dinner tonight on some hot buttered toast…


Hoping everyone has a great day today…..the rooster next door is singing his usual song since 2am and is keeping me awake…Wish I knew how to quiet him…

Eagle Ray
Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I love your achievement too Anon and can relate as I also have had boundary issues and I’m working on improving them, so your post is inspiring and encouraging.


 I’m sorry you are dealing with the rooster at 2am Grandy. I’ve read that if there is a streetlight nearby that can set them off because they think it’s dawn light and time to crow. But I’ve also read elsewhere that that isn’t the case, that it’s something to do with their internal clock. So I really don’t know of a solution other than any external light sources being switched off that can be as an experiment, but probably not possible if it’s a streetlight. I love the idea of a day in pyjamas. It’s wonderful to be comfortable at home in PJs.


My small achievement today was walking across to my neighbour’s place to visit her. We had a really nice chat and cup of tea. I wanted to visit for several weeks but have been really down and avoiding people as I didn’t want to bring anyone else down but also felt barely functional. So it was a significant improvement and achievement for me to reach out to visit someone today and she really liked having company too. So I’m so glad I made the effort.