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Small achievement you managed to do today....How did it make you feel? Did it help you feel better today?

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Community Champion

Hi everyone..

Their are days when just getting out of bed is a huge achievement...Other days we can achieve things like washing up the dishes or clothes, sweeping the floors, mopping the floors..very mundane and automatic robot like chores for the mentally well...They do these chores without even thinking about them...for people struggling with their mental health..these are huge tasks...

Very often I’ll get my vacuum cleaner out to vacuum ...then it will sit their for days, me looking at it, walking over it...until I can get motivated enough to vacuum..after I do find the motivation to vacuum...I am pleased with myself...
Right now I have a small foot cycling peddle machine, sitting on my front veranda..I got it out last week..to start exercising..it’s still their, I’m still looking at it...My thoughts each night is I’ll use it for a few minutes tomorrow..

My car hasn’t been washed getting close to a year now I think...Today I did managed to wash it....and discovered that it has a nice shine on it.....I did it...I achieved something positive today..which made me feel better in myself...

Have you achieved a little something today...and how did it make you feel...If you want to share that achievement it might make other people a bit more motivated to achieve something they need/want to do..

Looking forward to hearing about your achievement....and how it made you feel..

Little steps and achievements can lead to bigger steps..and bigger achievements...

My kindest and most caring thoughts...everyone.

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Yesterday, as well as going to my helper's place, to cuddle a few of the 9 puppies, I walked around her property, with her, over the rough ground, discovering the young fruit trees, & just walking, with some difficulty, for around ten minutes before my legs were too uncomfortable.

I know I need the exercise.

& I got a little sun on small portions of skin, (hands & face), while doing this. The warmth feels so nice on my back & shoulders. Hearing birds, a kookaburra amongst them, in the eucalyptus trees over in the next bit of land, which not built on.

Spotted one of her cats in the cat enclosure. She's a very independent cat, so didn't stop to be greeted.

As uncomfortable as walking gets, & needing some guidence (to avoid dog poop & other hazards), I very much like being out & walking. I really would like to walk more, in nature.

I'd love to visit your place, Grandy. I think it would be wonderful - when it is not so cold!

mmmmm yum, Black Forest Cake, 😺Good effort, Fiatlux.

& Monkey, time spent with your mum makes memories to treasure.

& Quirky, how you are mindful when interacting with people, choosing to respond differently than before. Well done.

Sbella, good for you to be recognising that you need a change, getting up & out for a while, helping & caring for yourself.

& Strawby - that's such a mature way to redefine the relationship with your friend. I'm impressed & glad for you both.

& Grandy,, the doily sounds lovely, & something to focus on, & keep you in the present while embroidering. It sounds a very peaceful activity.

😺 I enjoy reading this thread.

Today, I count this post as an achievement, because I am aware I neglect to reflect & appreciate efforts & achievements of others, & my own.



I had to do an online test but I out it off for weeks worrying I would fail. Today I had a go and it was fine.

Community Champion
Community Champion
I took about an hour out of my day to write and play some songs on my piano. Made me feel so much better, my anxiety hasn't been fantastic over the past few weeks and music is my therapy, in a way

Quirky that's amazing, it's always so relieving when you're worried about a test and it turns out to be better than you expected

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Everyone.....🤗,


Well done to everyone on your achievements....


I haven’t been in her much lately as I really haven’t achieved much..today I think I did achieve something....I got outside and sprayed my weeds with weed control.....


I have been persistent with learning these new forums and I am pleased with myself that I’m slowly beginning to get more confidence in using them....


Remember al, you amazing and beautiful community members...every little thing you do in any day, is an achievement and you should be so proud of yourself for doing that.....


Would love to hear, what you achieved today....be kind and gentle to yourselves...





Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Everyone…..🤗hugs…


I hope you are all doing better then okay…


After weeks of walking out my doors and seeing how long my lawn grass was getting….Yesterday I spent a couple of hours mowing it and tidying up around my house…It was so nice to wake up this morning and see a beautiful clean yard with short grass…..I even mowed the council strip across the road from me….


Hope your day today is a good day….


sending you all my love, care and hugs♥️🦋🤗




Paw Prints
Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Well I've just finished doing my dishes, one thing ticked off today's list of "to do"s at least.



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Grandy and all the lovely members here, 


Grandy you call mowing your lawns "SMALL"? 
Are you kidding? hahaha. 
That's a HUGE achievement! 


I washed all the finicky dishes too tonight Paws. 
Think I have to get a dishwasher cleaner and run it once with the cleaner. 
Then clean out all the yuck that gets stuck in the bottom out, ERGHH! 


I usually unscrew the kitchen sink plug frame thingy at the same time. I have to use a long pair of tweezers to pull out all the stuff that gets caught on the strainer type contraptions down there. NOT a pleasant job to do. 

I'll put that off for a day when I can cope with all the yuck lol. 


Love EM


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone…..🤗,


I will agree ecomama, mowing my lawns is a big achievement….it’s a job that I find exhausting to do….Our street is a very tidy street….😂😂except for my grass…I think the whole street celebrates when I do mine….


Today I am walking from room to room….looking for things that need doing…every room needs something cleaned or put away it’s it right place….How easy it is to just pick up the clothes I threw on my bed and hang them up, or fold up the washing and put it away, or dust all the dust of the shelves….but not today….it can wait until I have the motivation and energy to do them all….


My achievement for today, is getting out of bed…or rather off the lounge, making a cuppa tea and coming  into BB for some chats…..


Oh yesterday I did make some fried rice….and froze a couple of nights meals….Hmmm I know what my dinner is tonight…a quick zap in the microwave and dinners all done….That will be another achievement I will be doing tonight…😁..


I hope you all have a great day today…It’s cold and very windy here today….I think I’ll get back under my comfy doona and watch some DVDs…


Hugs everyone…well done for doing anything at all….everything is an achievement..


Community Champion
Community Champion

This last week getting out of bed or of the couch and making a cup of tea without complaining has been my achievement. Nearly everyone I know who has had covid says it was mild and tell me they read lots of books, cleared the house of clutter while isolating.

Thanks Grandy for this thread.