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Restless legs syndrome

Community Member
I have suffered from restless legs syndrome for about 15 years and was taking medication daily which worked most of the time. About 4 months ago I changed to a whole food plant based diet (no oil, no sugar, no animal products) because I had some cardiovascular issues. The results have been much better than I expected. A side effect of my new diet has been the disappearance of my restless legs syndrome problem!
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome Mrefu, to the forum,

I am so pleased that a change of diet has helped your restless legs syndrome.

Sometimes changing diet does not help a particular syndrome as everyone is different.

It is good that the change has helped you.

Thanks for letting us know.


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Hi Mrefus,

Welcome to the forum and great that a change of diet has helped your restless legs.

I'd be interested to know more about your diet changes ?

I have high cholesterol and recently had to stop the traditional medication, statins.

After seeing a Lipidoligist (thats a cardiologist who specialists in statins and lipids) I'm now taking high does of vitamin B3 (not sure if I'm allowed to say that bit) and fish oil capsules plus eating a few foods that have plant sterols in them.

Its helping a bit but my cholesterol levels are still higher than my doctors want.

Do you have high cholesterol ?