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New life

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Hi ,

I have moved to a new town, after my divorce. Leaving all my long time friends and feeling confident that I can do this. It has been six weeks now. Its very hard to meet people but am finding myself not wanting to at all. I feel very lost and crying most day. I have joined the gym so attend fitness classes as much as I can as I no this helps a lot.

I have meet a very nice man recently but find myself shutting down when he is around treating him not very nicely by ignoring him I don't like what I am doing but just feel overwhelmed all the time and don't no how to get myself out of this.

Has anyone been through this I would like to chat.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Sandreeee,

Thanks for sharing your story with us. It can be difficult finding your feet and meeting new people when we move. I can imagine that yo may have mixed emotions after your divorce as well that could be influencing how you feel about trying to meet new people.

To me it is very understandable that you are sometimes not treating the new person in your life very well. I behave like that when I am not certain of a situation, when I am concerned things may go wrong when there could well be no likelihood that will even happen and because I feel depressed.

You may still have doubts about relationships after your divorce, feel uncertain and confused. All of that is understandable. Hopefully you will find a way to accept this person for who they are.

Can you explain to them some of your concerns and feelings? If people know what you are thinking they may be able to help you feel better about yourself and the situation.

Is there something nice you can do for this person?

Can you incorporate more of what you find enjoyable into your life?

Cheers from Dools