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A small message of hope for fellow Beyond Blue Members - Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas

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Dear fellow Beyond Blue Members,
I have received a bunch of help from here and wanted to pass a bit of holiday spirit to our fellow members.

I can understand that this time is not always an enjoyable time especially when people may feel alone in the world but I am hoping my words are as sincere as possible and honest.

There will always be people that care for you, there will always be people out there that have your well being in their hearts. I couldn't begin to understand the hidden difficulties that people courageously manage to get through an often scary and anxious world.

Today, yesterday or tomorrow may not be a great day but I am sure things will always get better.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all you very amazingly brave people.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

How very beautiful highhopes

Thank you for you kind and heartfelt words, I could not have said it better myself. I think that Beyond Blue has created a space for us to come together, to support and care for each other and to take time to be kind, to show love and to extend a hand to a fellow human in need. I think all of us here are so very grateful for this forum and for this organisation.

Merry Christmas to you too highhopes and every best wish for a wonderful 2020 with love and happiness and health.

Sarah xxx

Community Champion
Community Champion


Thanks for you very warm and hopeful post that is very thoughtful.

It is people like you that makes the forum a special place.

Thanks for taking time to think of others.


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That is really nice thank you highhopes and the very best to you as well for the Christmas and New Years season!

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highhopes that post was very nice.

wishing everybody a wonderful Christmas.