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Protect yourself- love YOU

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

If there is one major thing I haven't mastered is the ability to consistently acknowledge my fragile mind. We can build our confidence up, have happy times and almost forget about the down times that inevitably arrive without warning. Although this has eluded me I've put in place safety measures to avoid rather than suffer mental anguish. So what are these safety barriers? Most of them are forecasted due to experience.


  • Avoid crowds or any environment that restricts ones ability to escape. 
  • Reduce situations that I have little control over eg using buses, trains. 
  • Avoid committees, politics and local activities
  • Restrict TV news or at least lower the time watching
  • Control your social media dont allow it to control you. Use the blocking feature immediately someone prove combative/toxic
  • Replace the above with basic living like home cooking, animals, garden, hobbies and sports

Ok so those things can improve your life. In respect to people we commonly underestimate how they can be reactive and hurt our feelings. Human relations is fluid, people come and go, friendships wain and gravitate, family can be challenging to keep stable. I refer to it as a "game". Cousin X is causing trouble at the moment so I'll just keep away for a while. Sister S is angry I forgot her birthday... I've apologised so as there is nothing I can do I'll not contact for a couple of weeks and then express my love and so on. Eg we cant stop all leaks of our lives, patch up every crack in the dam wall. Perfection isn't realistic..


The worst expectations of our lives come from our own demands. Tell yourself you have done enough, you have tried and trying is more than what a lot of people do. Praise yourself and out of all of your friends, your best friend can be YOU. Protect you. Care for you. Love you, accept you.






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Community Champion
Community Champion

The worst expectations of our lives come from our own demands.

Tony I relate to this sentence . This is so true . I used to have high 3xoectstions of self only to be let down. 
Your thread is very helpful and thoughtful like all your topics.