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Post your goals for the week.

Community Member

Come to this thread every Monday and post 3 goals or what you want to achieve for the week.

There is a decent amount of research showing the benefits of writing down your goals or what you wish to achieve so I thought why not have a thread where we can all share our goals for the week every Monday. You might even get some ideas from other people.

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Community Member
Good idea

Community Member
that's an awesome idea samsonsam three goals for myself this week is aiming for a distinction for my assessment I have this week. get my exercise done and try my best to help as much people as I can.

Community Member
My 3 goals for this week is to finish my 2nd last assessment of my course, play and spend time with my daughter as much as I can and catch up with friends. πŸ™‚

May Tee Tee
Community Member
Great IdeaπŸ’œπŸ™

Reduce portion size yet eat wholesome foods and reduce salt.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Great Idea!

My goals for the week include finishing the introduction for an essay I'm writing; finishing two more chapters of the book I'm reading; and walking my dog at least 3 times this week.

Successfully reduced 10kg since June to Dec 2020

Feeling much fitter and movement is incredible.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Well done May Tee Tee..

congratulations.....that’s so awesome...

You had a goal and achieved it...

Your post is so very inspirational to others who want to achieve their goal....

My kindest and most caring thoughts..