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Poem - 'Ode to persistence.'

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G'Day all,


First time Post here. 


I have always been passionate about Mens’ Health and just recently wrote a poem about Persistence. I thought I would send it to ‘Beyond Blue', an organisation that always leads by example, ‘talk’s the talk and walk’s the walk’.


Hopefully, this humble Ode might resonate with one person who might be doing it tough right now and thinks there is no end in sight.



Can you hear it in the distance?

Past the willows and the trees

Through the rain and misty valleys

On the tide of aqua seas?

Like a camel in the desert,

You go searching for a drink,

But that shimmer’s just a glimmer...

Into dust, your hopes do sink.

Still, you climb that lofty mountain,

Up amongst the rocky crops

Your legs are tired and weary,

And the struggle never stops.

Then you float along the ocean

Life-raft bursting at the seams.

But the drifting lasts forever,

And it never meets your dreams.


How much longer can you take it?

Will you ever find the key?

Your internal voice reminds you,

There’s a place you need to be.

You try and make your own luck,

As the time keeps ticking by,

Because you know your dream is worthy

So, you give it one more try!

With a soul in search of wisdom

You’re committed to the truth,

And soon you start to realise...

That all you need is proof!

Like a dancer chasing answers –

waltzing proudly down the road

Then you ask yourself the question -

What's the moral of this ode?

And a light comes shining brightly

As it’s whispered in your ear -

Keep on pushing forward friend...

Success is very near.


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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Andrew,


Thankyou for posting the very appropriate poem.


We have a poets corner on this site. If you'd care to use search- "poets corner- post your poems here" we'd love you adding it on that thread.


Thankyou for your advice. I have just gone to 'Poet's Corner', seen previous poems from Posters  in there but I can't see where you add a new Post/poem?

You scroll down then go to the last page and click on reply.


I have many poems in there as well.