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recently ive been feeling really down. 

its been going on for months now, and ive experienced increasing anxiety as the days go on. its interfering with my life, and making it difficult for me to cope. i try and distract myself, and hope that it will be over one day, but right now i feel as if there will be no end. my anxiety constantly makes me feel hopeless, making me short of breath and sometimes cause panic attacks. because of this, it makes me feel as if im going to die, which only makes it worse because i dont want to die. 

i dont want to keep experiencing this, but its so hard for me to ignore it and breathe. its horrible. 

how can i deal with this? my therapist has suggested sessions once a week, but until then does anyone have any suggestions? this is my first time experiencing any sort of severe anxiety.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

hi there,


i am sorry you are experiencing anxiety. it really is horrible. you're right, it's hard to ignore, and you shouldn't ignore it. i am glad you are seeing a therapist regularly - that would be my first suggestion. keep at it. it takes time, but you will slowly be able to get better with the techniques learned from them.


mindfulness and breathing exercises also help. have a look at the apps smiling mind and calm - some great guided meditations there that can help.


i hope things improve soon, and please stay hopeful that things will get better,


jaz xx

Community Member

Hi love,

im hoping you are having the therapy sessions now and getting some useful strategies from them xx