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🎶Music 🎶

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  • What music / artist / song do you relate to, or find helps you through? (A rough patch) And why?

Can be be more than song, or more than one artist.


  • What music makes you feel good, helps you feel better, makes you feel good about yourself?
  • What music / song / artist/ band can you connect to on a more personal side?

I want to know if music helps anyone else, as much as it has, and continues to still be helping me in my journey.


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Community Champion


Have you heard of a band called Opeth. I cannot pick on a particular song. The music I listen to reflects my mood or feeling. And the words help me feel I am not alone, even if I feel like I am. Not all of their songs are depressing, but many have that melancholic feeling to them. If I had to pick a song...Coil.


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Champion Alumni

Hello Sian J

Great to have you with us on the forums....You are obviously proactive with your health and good on you!

Before I mention anything by the 'Carpenters' or Electric Light Orchestra'....I will answer your question

'I Go to Sleep by Sia' released in 2008

Why?...It provides me with some peace in my life instead of AC/DC for a while 😉

I hope that Friday is good to you Sian

My kind thoughts


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Valued Contributor

Aha I found a MUSIC thread to revive lol.

Not so surprising that smallwolf and blondguy Paul came on and shared lol!!

I LOVE music and find it SO uplifting and mood changing when I need it lol.

I have so many faves.

Listening to "Cosmic Girl" by Jamiroquai right now.

About to play the dreamy "Movement" by Hozier.
LOVE the music vid that goes with it having been a dancer... having lots of teens at home sure keeps the 'surprise element' going on here! I'm surprised I LIKE so much of their music lol... they like LOTS of mine too ofcourse... they're REALLY into 80s music lol!

Great taste. 😂🤣😎

Just to keep in with THAT awesome era... now I'm listening to "Right Here, Right Now" by Jesus Jones.

Hey Paul, ALL my kids and grandkids learnt awesome AIR GUITAR skills to Acca Dacca lol!
They had a Master teacher... 😉.

What music is everyone listening to atm?

Love EM

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I recently had to go to a funeral. A song was played which really helped me and is called Miss Me by Scrum.

Some of the lyrics are:

Miss me a little but not for long, not with your head bowed low, remember the love that we once shared, miss me but let me go.

It is both a song and a poem and I found it very healing.

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Community Champion

Hi. I nearly forgot about this channel. Well I cannot remember posting... so thank EM.

Anyway ... you asked what I was listening to?

Just some BM from Greece. I saw review of an album on another web site that dedicated to metal and it pleased my ears.

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Valued Contributor


The heavier the better perhaps smallwolf? lol.

I only go about as heavy as the Screaming Jets, Nirvana and Red Hot Chilli Peppers - the last being my favourite working music atm ie washing the car, vacuuming lol, gardening.

Can't go past some Beyonce and Bruno Mars though.