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Psychiatrist won't treat me

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Hi everyone

I recently admitted voluntarily.

I saw a new doctor who dropped a bombshell - your diagnosis is wrong, we've ruined the last 10 years of your life and you were never really that sick, its just a minor condition we missed and all the stuff we've filled you with is why you've been a basket case.

A number of issues happened during the four days I was admitted, so I eventually told a nurse it wasn't helping and there was no point me staying.

Apparently being a voluntary patient means nothing. 12 hours later I was woken up with police at my door and detained for 12 hours for an involuntary assessment. I'm not sure thats legal but anyway it happened.

I got over it, followed through with gp and psychology appts.

Today I received a letter about the follow-up id booked with the psychiatrist.

Not treating you due to your breach of trust, go see your gp and find someone else.


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Hello Mustbebetter, and a warm welcome to the forums.

I don't understand how the medical team/person could be wrong after 10 years of treatment and that a minor condition could possibly be missed, that's highly inappropriate and noticed by an inexperienced person/s and for the psychiatrist cancelling your appointments due to breach of trust, that's surely their way to cover themselves from any legal action.

If the police had picked you up for an involuntary assessment, means they believe you maybe going to hurt yourself, and for protection have you reassessed, the police don't do this unless they have been told by your doctor or someone else suitable to make that call, they just don't go around taking people to hospital for medical or mental issues.

I would be inclined to see another doctor (unless you really like your current doctor) and ask them to refer you to another psych.

What sort of notes do you have, because I'd be seeking legal advice after you are being managed once again, 10 years is a long time to remember.

Please let us know.


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Do see your GP and do find a better Physician, you seem positive which is good and will help you to find exactly what you need. I had an awkward experience myself with a GP -- after my diagnosis my GP said that they did not see people with my disorder cause they had no experience with the disorder. So I booked the GP across the hall and this GP was mortified by my previous GP's rejection and I mean angry mortified, I struck gold this GP was awesome. Sometimes if we just go with the system it eventually works. Hopefully this similar but not story helps you to stay the path. I worked 4 years with the Awesome GP and I got educated and stable. I can only hope you keep searching until you find the Professional who suits your needs. Regards C

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Hi 2021mustbebetter, welcome.

I'm sorry to hear that you had a horrible experience. I would be complaining, you're well within your rights to do so, that is ridiculous and uncalled for. I'm very sorry that happened to you.

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I'm pretty unhappy about the whole thing.

All I had was ADHD. After years of struggling this saw me treated for depression/anxiety/stress. This didn't fix my problems but the antidepressants sent me manic.

That then got me diagnosed as bipolar, and the mood stabilisers, antidepressants, etc locked me in a bipolar-like cycle where I was flat and felt like staying in bed, worked up the energy to try to succeed, kept falling in a heap over and over.

New doctor read my notes and said with my outlook and effort, and hqving tried the entire range of bipolar medications, that if I was bipolar I'd be well by now.

The police were engaged by the doctor or hospital, as I didn't see q doctor before leaving - just made a conversational comment to a nurse that it wasn't working and there was no point staying.

This was not taken seriously, so when I packed up and left half an hour later, they considered that I had run off and was a danger to myself.

As for lawyers and stuff, that's stress I don't need. I also don't want a label of being a difficult patient and/or someone who sues.

Hello Mustbebetter, thanks for getting back to us and completely understand, no lawyers that could be a very difficult road to travel and that's truly not what you need.

Please keep in touch with us as we're concerned for you.


This is a baffling story and I am hooked , plz keep posting, your journey is unique, regards C

You're well within your rights to complain and get a lawyer, you could try the HCC. I've complained with them before, the process is easy enough.

You wouldn't be labeled as a difficult patient and someone who sues, because of their mistakes. It's their fault, not yours.

Actually I had to post again because there is a second similarity, once upon a time I was a "normally" functioning adult, then tragedy struck and I had few coping skills and I spiraled into a depression , that would not budge. Finally I went to a GP and was given an antidepressant *which over 6 weeks sent me into a hypermanic state. I mean I thought the 2 doctors assessing me for detainment were "Laverne and Shirley". Anyhow I have a hospital stay and I am diagnosed Bipolar 2. so then I fight the diagnosis for a year and before I meet the most amazing GP and things got so much better. I don't know how your story will go but I do know your in good company here. Plz keep posting your progressive story is riveting. Best luck C