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Motivation.....search and rescue it.

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

I have always had quotes or short stories stuck in my head and pull them out when needed. Perhaps this is why I have bouts of positive thoughts? I've often wondered how I'd be if I didnt have them, life would be so much harder.

One quote was from Kathy Watt, Australia's gold medalist of the early 1990's. She was asked how did she win that medal. "Well I was taught, to strive to get in the lead with 100% effort, then pull out another 10% so they cant catch you, then just as you are spent- another 10% and another. They cant catch you then."

How do you "pull out another 10%" from your very best then another.? Because we are not aware of what our best is. We think we have done our best but there is more inside you than you'd ever think possible. Getting fit? Think you've done your very best at running distance? Well get a personal trainer and see how much more you can do.

At 17yo I was unfit and over weight. I joined the RAAF in 1973 and for 3 months I was pushed and pushed. Seriously I thought it was the end of me. After 3 months I ran 30kms with a backpack, holding a rifle and did it in large boots. Amazing. But I had that drill corporal in my ear.

The difficulty is motivating yourself.How do you dig up your inner strength to motivate yourself? I can only think of how I do it every now and then. I think of these feats people do that inspire me. Of course with depression sometimes I go a long time before I can put it back into practice. You know what I mean.

Recently on TV Australia's gold medalists Ian Thorpe and Matthew Mitcham both separately had TV interviews about their struggles with depression. They both individually had another challenging issue and that was "coming out" over their sexuality. What inspiring young men. They succeeded to motivate themselves beyond imagination. Either of those interviews motivated me. What about you?

Whether its just getting out of bed, don your runners,, keeping your social media idle until the end of the day, applying for double the job numbers compared to the previous week, cooking a meal for your partner....you can motivate yourself to do that extra 10% just like Kathy Watt did. Effort, 10% extra effort should be seen as an accomplishment- not the fact that you didnt succeed doing what other people do, only what you were capable of plus 10% and the next day 10% more. Maybe three steps forward and one step back. You would have searched and resuced your inner motivation.

And you'll be worthy of a gold medal for effort.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello  white night and all

The journey of recovery is something that I have investigated and researched. Without all the details I got sick of feeling this way and yes I got angry

I approached it like a personal problem solving exercise including white board ... smile

I decided that what I was doing and had been doing was not working for me. I had a perfectly good GP bot changed him after 30 years of service. Found a new GP closer to home and was looking for new chologist, chiatrists, medication

Having said that the new GP referred me to exactly the same places and ended up on same medication. All of this gave me more confidence in medical practitioners

So having established Medication was correct I then started to get to know myself.  If I was going to change what exactly am I going to change from. The starting point.  Lots of personal questions and challenging myself and really exposed the real me and got rid of some long established Masks

I worked out what is exactly important to me. Exploring meaningful motivation options.  I opened my mind to new ideas

My mind has taken me to some dark places but it is time for my mind to also let in some light

After a few years the following work for me


Kindness ( you cant hate yourself if you are kind )

Positive Affirmations ... The first thing I do each day is open Facebook and seek Positive Affirmations

Enjoy the little things .... I had forgotten what Enjpyment felt like and what I truly enjoyed,  Why did I watch that on TV etc.  I know enjoy my shower each day Mindfully having a shower, I know take time to enjoy a cup of tean.. The little things that happen each day and as it turns out they happen often

Crisis Management       Life can be hard and I am tested often but I now recognise changes in my body before I explode.  Space, Time and Breathe is my first reaction

Keep moving forward       Listen and Learn from everyone and everything

That works for me and I recommend it... There are lots of other parts and am happy to discuss further ... Thank you

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Cam61,

Those are good points, more than good, I'm going to write them down. Really proactive things one can do. "Enjoy a cup of tea" Up until a few years back I think I was always running to get to the next chore, task and never appreciating those small things.

I dont quite get "mindfulness" if you can mention some more examples I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello and thank you for responding

Mindfulness is about being in the present moment

When I am trying to be Mindful I stop and check all my senses immediately ... What can I hear ? What can I smell ? etc

For me the best result from Mindfulness is when I shower in the morning.  I stop thinking. about the day ahead or jobs to do but focus on the water.. After a while tis fantastic

I promised myself not to make decisions on my day until after my shower it also helps me get out of bed on those frequent days that I lack motivation

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Cam,

Thanks for that explanation.  I can only find mindfulness when on my motorcycle. Freedom of thought mainly of the past or troubling tormenting topics.

A shower in the morning wakes me up and makes me feel great, refreshed.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring, helpful and positive thoughts

ill give it all a try. I think that's all we can do: try today, try a little harder/better tomorrow, try more the next day, every day something to improve on, something to become better at and eventually be an all rounded, better person giving more than that 10% effort.

thank you for being a better person and giving so very much...it is indeed you who deserves that medal 🙂

Hi CJs mum

So glad you read this thread. And thankyou for the compliment.

Childhood environment by far in my opinion, sets us up for a negative or positive adult frame of mind.

If negative, most continue in life unaware of their negativity...a sad life indeed and sad for positive people to observe as I do. The transformation from negative to positive is so profound once its done that it is life changing. And one never returns to those bad old days.

Chooka chook

Chooka chook had an angry look as she washed the dishes dry

Her friend, Pecky the hen, was taken away to be fried

Then Rooty rooster came to pass and saw Chooka sad

He said dont be sad, be glad, you havent been cooked nor baked till your skin is black

Unlike Daffy who got cooked till he couldnt quack

Chooka Chook no longer sooked she did her dishes fast

She never cried while she had her hide.....she lived each day as her last.....

Tony WK