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Motivation....How do we get some....

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Community Champion

Hello Everyone..

What is motivation?......Its our general willingness to do something. It is our troubled minds that makes it hard for us to take action..

Nearly all of the stress and anxiety in doing something is at the beginning of starting it...After we start, our motivation, seems to progress more easily ....It’s more easier to finish something than it is to start one ...One of the easiest ways of getting motivated is to write a list for a particular time of day and try to stick with it...hopefully it makes them easy to start, if we have already made that decision earlier on.

Setting a routine or a regular time for ourselves to do something..etc...makes it more likely we will follow through..

Does setting up a routine and sticking to it, help our motivation?..If your like me and struggle with your mental health,..Do you start to procrastinate about doing them or try waiting until you feel inspired or motivated..which isn’t very often...

By doing choirs the same time each morning starts to develop a habit of motivation...We repeat it each day, which makes it easier to do as the days go by....Ex: each day you get up and immediately make your bed, freshen up, have a beverage and breakfast..By doing things this way we have begun a habit of motivation.

The power of habits..develops into a mindless way of motivation..It makes starting to do something easier and following through with them on a regular daily basis much easier..helps us to develop a daily habit doing them..

We need to try and make something to do easy and hopefully it becomes automatic...that’s why setting up a regular time is so important for us, it’s often too much work to figure out where to start or what to do... if we have written out a daily schedule of what and when to do something. it solves the problem of not knowing what to do.

In saying all that....Does it help you to have a list ?....Making a list I still find motivation hard...I will admit that I’m a person, who’s motivation is nearly non existent ... I am still trying to learn...

I thought that I would make this thread in the hope that we can share different strategies that might help to get each other with motivation and maybe together we can find something that can work for us...

Do you have strategies that work for you?....How motivated are you?...let’s try to help each other to find our motivation...


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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

GOOD ON YOU for mowing AND weeding. Huge triumph there Grandy! I bet it looks really great now? Well done you. xxxx

Maybe you've shown yourself that "doing the thing gets more energy to DO the thing"?

I cleaned the downstairs bathroom till 2am waiting for my kids to finish work and come home.
I can't sleep soundly till they're home.

I had a belated birthday outing gift all day yesterday... ate yummy Vietnamese food.
Felt VERY tired afterwards.

Well done on trying a new recipe too! I wouldn't like peanut butter cookies either but I think my poodle would LOVE them like your fur babies did!! LOL. He's on a diet lol so none for him.

Have you seen the awesome recipes for pet treats online? I used to make those years ago.

We have an Easy Peasy recipe thread for easy recipes here... please have a look and ADD if you like!

I also get memories which used to trigger me pretty badly, not so much trigger any more, I just remember certain horrible things when I start to do something. It IS exposure therapy to keep going but saying to myself "This is MY thing now. You can't hurt me ANY MORE" is part of my reclaiming.

Today I have a Builder coming at 7am lol. My Uncle around 9am. I've been motivated to clear a MASSIVE lot of demons stuff OUT and Council will pick all the rubbish up tomorrow night.
I found lots of pretty cool stuff too! 28 flat packed storage boxes, wow. I had a go at putting them together. I had triggers SO I put on a favourite series of mine from ABC iView and kept going.
I made 6! only 22 left to go lol.

I haven't finished clearing out.... got a LONG way to go and my leave finishes in a week. I'll have to continue when I can over time.

Love EM

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

.Hello Grandy and to everyone who has replied, the question you have asked 'What is motivation?

Motivation is what drives us towards a goal, what keeps us going when things get tough but this will only be the situation if you're able to cope with the hard decisions, however, when we are faced with depression, we are unable to even want this to happen.

There are so many tangents and differentiations when motivation is concerned and can change from age, the type of situation we're in, whether we have a partner or spouse, because if we believe something is right, then we have a much change to be successful, but if it fails, then it's whether or not we can move on and be positive.

My motivation has certainly been different from before and after depression and is constantly changing on a daily basis.

Take care.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Grandy and everyone

I revived the 3 small or big achievements thread.

When I felt depressed my day was much of a blur...

I think writing down any achievements we've made during the day can help us SEE what we may not otherwise notice at all.

Something to be proud of.

Love EM