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Money problems?

white knight
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Community Champion

Financial "stress" is a hollow feeling. Just as you think you are doing OK, a bill arrives you didn't expect. Or Centre link has sent you an unexpected debt?...

I know that feeling. Being manic as a young man with an adult defence service wage and low "on base" rent led to signing the loan papers whenever I wanted another car. In the end I had 5 loans with an old car to show for it.

So, with Xmas out of the way what can 2017 bring to you that's positive so at the end of this year you will feel more successful.

Maintain some realistic expectations of your position by NYE this year. Raise the bar too high and you'll be disappointed.

Remind yourself, with words of appreciation that you are better off than some. Don't fool yourself that you are the worse off.

Revamp your bill system. Carefully consider direct debit. be wary however. One major telco continually took money from our account even though we cancelled it. This is common and places more burden on you and anger. We now pay insurances through dd but telephone, internet water and rego is bpay for that reason

Shop around. Insurance companies vary greatly. If over 50yo consider insurance companies that specialise with retirees. Multi policy discounts?

If you don't ask you don't get. I flash my motor card and health card always.

Communication. There is nothing worse for a landlord than being left in the dark. Be honest and direct.

Need help paying rent? If its OK get a boarder. One friend of mine purchased a $700 caravan and charges $150 a week rent for it. Caravans allow you a roof in desperate times. It prevents using the street for a bed. Its insurance.

Accept that life's ups and downs come and go. Realise that a housing or financial crisis will need long term fixing and the way to that goal is short term hard work with commitment before the light at the end of the tunnel shines. Worry only produces ulcers.

Suicides nationwide last year totalled over 3,000 with 3/4 made up of males. Way over the road toll. Many of those would have been money issues and a thought process of there being no hope. Progress could be just around the corner. Give up smoking or halve your luxuries, baby steps add up to leaps and bounds.

Reward your efforts. My friends gave up smoking and I was shocked they bought a Porsche as reward. Their cigarettes cost more!.

Whatever your "fix", you can make effort.

NYE 2017 can be a better situation.

Never give up and accept life will throw hurdles unexpectedly.

Tony WK

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Hi everyone,

Jess that is such a helpful link thank you!

And Tony I am amazed this thread didn't get more of a response when you created it.

Finance is important. Look at how many of us struggle to work out how to afford therapy and medications long term. Money can be a barrier to seeking help because often we have conflicting priorities.

Then there is the simple fact that the stress associated with financial trouble is such a relentless burden on us. Relationship strain. Pressure to meet bill deadlines and provide for children. Cutting out luxuries.

I've been living with this pressure for years now. Everyone says the stress of one income while kids are small is one of the worst times in life. I agree.

The thing that irritates me most is how professionals sometimes throw out casual suggestions that would absolutely help.... If you had the money to afford it.

I find it makes me feel like they either aren't listening or just do not understand my reality enough to empathise.

Thanks for this space to vent. It has been a horrible day today and I am tired of it all.

Hi Quercus

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Some people are lucky enough never to have struggled financially. They are ofyen the ones that say "buy this or that...it's cheap". But cheap still means spending.

Yes, one wage, mortgage, young kids, baby formula etc....a real struggle.

When in the RAAF as a teenager credit was easy to come by. But I over committed. I spent countless evenings in my barracks while friends partied at discoes.

Debts is likely a trigger to much depression as they commit you to several years of misery which is so long it feels like eternity


Thanks Tony,

Most especially for your comment about staying in the barracks while others went out.

It is reassuring to know others value responsibility and duty more than fun at times. It is hard to feel like everyone else is living for today and I am giving up the present for a future that feels like I will never see.

Hi Quercus

You will see a better financial future

Time does change circumstances. Paying off debt can be slow but the debt reduces and assets rise in value, the seesaw tips slowly then more and more.

I did grow to accept that comparing my then over committed financial state to others situations was a trap. Others going out and spending more money didnt actually means they were happier.

Happiness is achieving even if that meant slowly paying off a debt.

Watching a sunset is priceless and costs nothing while my mates would get drunk, spend all their money and complain about hangovers.

Google youtube maharaji prem rawat sunset


Agree 100% with the sunset.

Purchasing or refinancing homes has been made easier and as a result fintech firms are growing. They charge low to no fees and may have the best rates due to no physical stores and low onboarding costs.