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Disability and mental health

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I didn't know where to put this thread or how to even start it but here it goes.

Living with a physical disability as well as having mental issues is tough. They seem to compound each other, like when one gets bad the other soon follows. I don't know where to begin to describe to someone whats its like to live with. Here is a space to share experiences or whatever it is your going through:

my random vent about having a disability: I feel trapped in my body sometimes, other times I'm so dissociated from my DID and bipolar that I don't feel my body and push it to far then can't move for days following. It sucks. I don't want the chronic pain. I don't a body that can't do what my brain wills it to. I don't want the stares when I go out because I'm a young person using aids. I don't want to go out and not know if I can physically do all I need to when I'm out. I don't want this anymore. My mind is trapped in a body that's failing it and tbh it's scary. People dont seem to want to understand it either. I have talked about my mental health on here before but feel ashamed of talking about having a disability. I don't know why. Today it's just really getting to me and the pain is bad and Im trapped in bed coz I can't move properly and It makes me want to cry and I'm really tired. And then the thoughts are getting out of control. And idk anything anymore.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Centaured, and yes I remember you and know exactly what you're talking about because the same has happened to me and it's understandable feeling the way you are, what you were capable of doing can't physically be done anymore, so is it your thought of what other think or is it that you can't physically do it now, maybe it's both.

For me, it doesn't worry me what people think because it's been going on for years and it happened when I was young and altered my behaviour where my twin can still play tennis, golf and chase his grandkids around, I'm unable to do this.

Our thoughts change on a daily basis and do feel very sorry for you.

Best wishes.