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Mindfulness: What Is It? (Even if you dont know please post so we can help grow the forums accordingly)

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Hi Everybody

This is only the basic dictionary definition...

"Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you're mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment without judgement"

  • Please be as blunt you wish....If you dont have an idea about mindfulness it would be great if you could let us know
  • If mindfulness hasnt worked/or is too broad a concept for you it would great if you can let us know your thoughts too
  • If mindfulness has helped you, please help others to help themselves by posting how you have embraced this mindset

It goes without saying that the forums are a judgement free zone and I really hope that everyone can jump in and have their say

Your input is highly valued no matter how you respond to this topic. There are no experts here...New Posters are Most Welcome!!

My Kindest Thoughts


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Community Champion

Hello everyone...

I love sitting on my front veranda and take in everything I can see, feel, hear, smell with a nice cup of tea...to me this is my mindfulness...

Now on the other side of mindfulness...I decided to wash my furs..I ran the water in the bath....sat outside until I thought it would be full enough....Oops. I think I was totally lost in nature outside..because when I went inside I had water running over my bath..into my little hallway and into the kitchen πŸ˜‚..What a mess I had to clean up..

I found out we can only do one thing mindfully at a time.πŸ˜‚..


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When I find my mind wandering and negative thoughts are starting to creep into my head, I try to really observe 3 things right in front of me. It helps me to refocus. For example, I would look out of the window:

1. the sky is so blue - we only get this in our lucky country!

2. I like that fluro shade of green of the leaves under the sunlight.

3. I look at another section of greenery away from the sun. Oh that bottle green of the hedge is so calming.

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Hi all,

Oh Grandy that is so true! I am very forgetful and have overfilled a few baths in my time, as well as burnt pots and bikkies....

I think you may have touched on an important facet of mindfulness!



Hi Amanda2000

Thankyou for sharing your thoughts on mindfulness...great post

Amanda2000 mentioned... "I try to really observe 3 things right in front of me. It helps me to refocus" Your post is more helpful than you know as approx 70% of the internet 'hits' to the Beyond Blue forums are from people that choose to 'read only'

You have also helped us understand more about mindfulness

my kind thoughts/appreciation


Thanks Paul. It means so much to me to hear that I'm on the right track!

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Community Champion

Hello everyone.

Grandy I can so relate to your post. One thing at a time, as I get easily distracted.
Amanda thanks for your example, I can do that as long I haven’t started something before hand like grandy.

thought I might throw a question out there. Supposedly for children but I think good for adults as well. The question is... (and it is a mindfulness exercise, and don't feel pressured to answer it)

What 3 words describe you best? Why?


3 words would depend on what day what mood, right now

sensitive, compassionate, indecisive

why because they came to me first.

what are your 3. Sw, and how does it relate to mindfulness.

some questions can help in grounding you and to focus your mind - allow you to develop resilience and gratefulness. the question is mindful say if it says allows you to focus on yourself, without worry, without judgement, can also be seen as empowering.

my three words would be - logical, planning, honest

and with each word, perhaps embracing the positive meaning associated with each.

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Interesting smallwolf. Thats quite a common groupwork excercise- I never thought of it as being mindful.

I don't like it when you have to choose words which start with your initial, cos I don't have many words to choose from lol,.....

my three words to describe me would be:

persistent, kindhearted, grounded.

Thankyou for those moments of mindfulness,