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How to take care of my mental health when COVID-19 restrictions are starting to eat me alive?

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Hi guys,

I understand people do not agree for international borders to open but when you’re not australian it makes it really difficult.

Im from NZ, moved here 6 years ago for uni then work. I didn’t mind the restrictions at first as it helped flatten the curve but I didn’t realise it’d be this long.

it means I can’t see my family and friends. I’ve never gone this long without seeing my family and it’s driving me insane.

on top of this, my relationship also turned into long distance as he left the country to be an expat just before the border closure kicked in so I haven’t been able to see him since he left.

It’s been 7 months and it’s been an emotional roller coaster. Most of the time, I’m doing fine but sometimes I’m just really on edge, feeling disconnected and frustrated and when this happens, i start to become resentful and envy of others

I’ve always been okay being on my own but i knew i needed company during this time. my existing friends are almost always unavailable which is normal in adultlife.

so far, I’ve just been burying myself at work and on my days off I plan things to do so Im kept busy. i love hiking so I’ve been joining hiking groups and it definitely helped heaps as I’m meeting new people but I still struggle sometimes especially when I’m with my own thoughts.

I worry that my relationship would sour. We are not struggling at the moment but I’m worried if this pandemic continues, it may happen.

I’m worried I won’t see my family and relatives for a long time and God forbid anything happens to anyone in my family.

i considered dropping everything and just leave the country to be with my parents but I’m worried I won’t be able to come back to aus for a really long time and in the end my life and my job is based in australia.

I understand there’s no point worrying about the future but I can’t help but feeling anxious so,

does anyone have any tips on staying in the present and to be positive? I really hate myself being so moody.

Any help or support would be appreciated.

if anyone else in this forum is going through the same situation as me I’d be really interested to see how you’re doing and how have you been staying well, mentally.

thanks heaps 🙏

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Community Champion

Dear Bananie1234~

I think you will find some use out of regular journaling, as you just illustrated when locked inside yourself it is very hard to tell when the pressure eases a little and yoou do in fact feel a bit better.

With Smiling Mind I had to wait to see if someone was OK, and kept on using it without a break so as to keep away from thoughts I could not bear. Then I started using it with breaks of a hour or so, though my mind immediately reverted to anxiety.

I guess after a month I was getting to the stage where I could think of other things, though not always. It's like most things, a tool with some limitations.