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how do people know its time to move into own place

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hi everyone


just going through stuff at moment and looking for someone to talk to, am however ok


was wondering how people know when it may be time to start thinking about moving into your own place and what you can do to have that feeling of your own place until you can afford to buy your own and not pay as much in rent and not really be able to do what you want (am showing clues some days but cant afford to do anything and who knows if itll ever happen)


might be 60 or more before being able to afford to buy own place if there is even hope but dont want to rent and not be able to do anything to place.


how does someone earn enough money to be able to run a house and have enough left to save and have a life.


not in a hurry to move out permanent just want somewhere to go and have space and have work space to put your own things and also what to be able to entertain in own space too.


how do you do it on a low income/pension and have enough left to have a life and save.


thanks everyone for listening

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome 


My answer can depend on your age and gender, please let me explain.


I'm 67yo and established. I got my start from being in the military and upon discharge getting a home loan for my service. 


Today however it's all different,  home prices and in your case pension income makes things hard. But I've always been a radical thinker to overcome obstacles. 


What would do is save enough money for a campervan, the bigger the better, the newer the better. I'd get diesel power. I would stay in a mixture of free camps, rear yard of friend premises and caravan parks (if needed). 


Washing machines? A hand type spinner type costs $75! Google them. Solar on the roof is free power and a small generator as back up to charge batteries. You'd have the freedom to travel around. If you have a cute little dog you'll meet heaps of people.


A sacrifice is not being able to entertain people, you can't have everything. 


If female you might feel insecure, fair enough, but I've met women that live that way. 


Worth some thought, repost if you have questions. 


P.s there us an app called WIKICAMPS at $10 one off fee is priceless for free camo info Australia wide







how do people know when it may be time to think about moving to own place and what else can they do until they can buy.


some of us are stuck on income support due to a condition but can work part time.


also there are many that arent in a hurry to move out permanent and might for now just want to do what their about to be ex boss did with apartment in the city where you go and stay.


until you can find other work or your thing starts picking up which you are sure its going to however it might take a while, was wondering how you could save money in accommodation if you want your own space or somewhere to have people over for meals.


usually book a cabin now and then but money for that may take a while to pick up.


what could you do

Eagle Ray
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Valued Contributor

Hi car10001,


One option is to do housesitting that is rent free but you are looking after someone’s property and possibly also pets while they are away for an extended period. My friend did this for several years. She loves animals and would look after someone’s house and pets for several months at a time. For example, there might be a family where one of the parents is posted overseas or interstate for 6 months with their job so the family is going to move and they want someone they can trust to look after their place. My friend found out about the places through a petsitting website. I think you would probably have to get a police clearance and/or references to do it. The various housesitting and petsitting websites may tell you. My friend managed to keep finding new places each time she needed to and saved enough for her first home loan and now lives in her own home. She is still paying off a mortgage but has at least found a way into the housing market.


While this is not the same as having your own place you that can do whatever you want with, and there are obligations to take care of whatever the owner needs you to (could be garden, pets etc), it is a way to potentially save some money and you also get interesting experiences living in different locations.


Just a thought anyway.


All the best,


Also how do you catch up on business goals when you’re behind because you stayed at old job until end and ignoring clues that it’s time to move on to something else when you just want to catch up.

Am doing well just want to catch up a little and am behind because of staying at job too long.

How do you catch up faster.

What assistance is there to stay in cabins and apartments more often (probably same frequency as your old boss does when she goes to city apartment.

There’s nothing in australia that has spots for tiny homes and if there is it may not be cheap, haven’t looked into it.

Sometimes feel it’s time to have own space and am happy living at current place sometimes just want own space and temporary accommodation to come and go but obviously pay for however many nights is only way.

What assistance is there or how do you get the money.

Don’t have a van where you can pay for a site