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Long Term Insomnia

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I've seen a couple of other posts about insomnia but the only one that seemed somewhat similar to my circumstance was rather old so I've started a new discussion. I hope that's OK.


I've had insomnia for years that has waxed and waned somewhat but never gone away.


It started during the time I was a party to a family court case. The case continued for most of the duration of my child's childhood. They're an adult now so the various immediate threats that existed during that time are in the past but it was a bit of a 'Red Pill' experience, to use the Matrix analogy, and I am more aware of some dangers that are out there and less trusting of the world.


Also recently I've become unable to play tennis (bad knee) which has rather closed off a social avenue and I am dealing with a mother with significant onset of dementia.


So my circumstances are not great but they've not suddenly changed. I feel OK. I don't feel depressed or excessively anxious. Probably my concentration is a little unfocused.


I get relief from insomnia by taking over the counter anti-histamine. I only need a very small dose. However as I understand it this interrupts the REM cycle and the quality of sleep is reduced. 

Your not supposed to take it long term. After 2 nights of no sleep at all I'll take it though. I'd rather take an anti-histamine than an anti-depressant.


I've seen a couple of things mentioned in other forums, a magnesium lotion and change of bed. So I think I'll give those a go.


I'd like to hear from anyone who has any relevant experience or suggestions about insomnia or what I've raised above.



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Hi, welcome


Have you had a sleep study done?  I had one 12 years ago and was found to have moderate sleep apnoea. So I use a CPAP machine to sleep and it reinvigorated me.




I hope that helps.




I have had that raised before but thanks for reminding me.

I'll look into it.