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Closet cross dresser at times

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I've recently separated with my wife after 33ys & have three kids.

I'm a closet cross dresser.

I feel such a failure and so sad most of the time.

I don't know who to talk to.




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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

One of the best things I did recently was to create a "sheet of positivity" that I've had laminated.  I created this to remind myself of successes I've had, which are easily forgotten when I get depressed.  Thankfully, I have other people helping to remind me that I'm not a failure too.  You & your ex-wife had three children - from where I stand that is a success story.  There is nothing wrong with cross dressing - if it makes you happy enjoy it.  If cross dressing is leading to confusion, shame, &/or guilt talking to someone about this is really important.

Reaching out here is a great start.  I've leave "who to talk to" recommendations to others.

Hello & thank you for your quick response.

Thanks for your positivity as I`ve not spoken to anyone else about this especially on a public platform.

I would appreciate any leads as to who to talk to as yes shame, confusion, guilt all fit into what`s going on with me at present.

I may have posted this twice , if so sorry its relatively new to me.