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Can you list what you like about yourself?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello everyone! [Grinning LRC*]

Please, as a challenge or to share, I would like to invite anyone & everyone to write a list of any length you want, of what you like about yourself.

We might even have a discussion about what to include on these lists or not.

Most of all, for this Discussion, I hope, for those who find this really difficult, that reading what others like about themselves will give you some ideas of what is possible. Maybe you will find you like some of these things about yourself?

Big hugzies to everyone


* LRC = Little Red cat, who wasn't really so little.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi All,


Hello All,


Recently I received a message from a friend that contained thoughts that may be considered here in regards to what we like about ourselves. 

I'm going to write down words you may think to add to your list of what you like about yourself:


I take action to change what requires changing

I stay strong even when life gets tough.

I accept my tears and work through my hurts.

I can be bold when I need to be.

I am kind.  I am brave.  I am strong.  I am wonderful.  I am courageous.  I am important.  I am forgiving. 

I am unique.  I am tenacious.  I am worth fighting for.  I am giving.  I am insightful.  I am generous.



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thank you, Dools

That's a fantastic list of personal qualities to aspire to. 

I would love to hear what other people think of this list. 

I most relate to "I accept my fears and work through my hurt". I might rephrase it a tad, saying, "I acknowledge my fears ..." however that doesn't stretch as far as to ALL my fears. I find dealing with fearful things in my environment & fears related to my future, more difficult than the fearful experiences of my past.


The very young mmMekitten would attempt anything, fearless & bold is she.

LRC wants to understand the risks &, perhaps recklessly, jump in anyway - but not everything. Like me, some things are just a lot too scary.



Hi mmMekitty

I also have fears about my future due to physical illness.

So, in the spirit of Dools’ list, I’d like to add: 

I can cross any bridge, but won’t worry about it until I have to.

Not sure it exactly fits but I tell myself this daily. 
Kind thoughts to all

Hi mmMekitty and All Reading,


I like mmMekitty how you wrote the list I included here is something to aspire to. 


It may well be that I admire so many of the qualities that I wrote down, but they just don't seem to be part of me some days, and that is okay!


Like affirmations, I can aspire to have these inner qualities!


Today what I like about myself is:

- I am willing to learn new ways of dealing with life

- I am open to suggestions of how I can change old patterns that are not working for me any longer

- I can be aware of my limits, accept them and work with them

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Helllo everyone

For now, because I'm feeling so upset, I have thought, remembering something else I like about myself is how I am capable of calming myself, even when the feelings I my feelings are strong.

I just don't want to have to. so often!

HI Dools & Summer Rose. I'll be busy tomorrow, out & then meeting someone at home, but I may be really tired after. please forgive me if I don't reply more until Friday or during the weekend.

Hugzies to everyone


Eagle Ray
Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi mmMeKitty


Just checking in to see if you’re ok? It’s lovely you have that capacity to calm yourself. I had a truly painful day emotionally and physically so was feeling low myself. I try to remember “this too shall pass” and practice some self-calming skills which I feel like I’m still in my infancy with, but I think it gets easier over time.


 I saw two hilarious dogs today, a breed with dreadlocks I can’t remember the name of, and it was a moment of lightness in the gloom.


 I hope you are ok. You are such a kind soul on this forum. I hope many light moments come forth in the coming days to lift your spirits. Sending LRC comforting pats from GFC 🐱💕

Hi mmMekitty and All Reading,


Hope you are feeling better soon mmMekitty, It is wonderful you are able to like yourself enough to know your capacity and abilities. Hope you are able to work through what is upsetting you and find strength to continue on.

Eagle Ray sorry to read your day has been painful for you. Hope tomorrow is better. Good you were able to have some light relief and appreciation seeing those dogs.


I liked myself enough today and took myself to a cafe for a delicious orange flavoured hot chocolate and a slice of gluten free tart before my Drs appointmment. Helped to chill me out before the Dr visit.


It was really noisy in the cafe which I don't usually like so I was pleased I was able to sit there and had taken a book with me to read, it has ideas on how to chill out more in life situations that stress me, so a good choice of book today.

Wishing everyone reading this the ability to see parts of themselves they like and appreciate. Regards to all from Dools

Hi mmMekitty

You just look after yourself and take care. There is no pressure to respond at all. We’re all here for you.

And you too, Eagle Ray. Sorry to hear you’re doing it tough.

Tomorrow is always another day, let’s hope it’s a good one for everyone.

Kind thoughts to all


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thank you Dools & ER. Your care & well-wishes are much apprecieated.

I like that I am more able to appreciate those 'light moments' such as ER mentioned. Whether it's a brief sound, scent or maybe even something I can actually see, or that I can imagine seeing - it's all good!

I hope you, ER, Dools & everyone, are activly reaching out to see, hear, touch, smell, taste such moments every day. 

When the cloud is small, I want it to move on, or when it's big, I want to break it up. Anything to discourage the bleak clouds from persisting & settling in.

It used to seem, when 'under the weather', the end of it seems to be far over the horizon, so it seemed impossibly far away. Now I understand that feeling comes from my weather distorted perceptions, with my perspective being way down on the ground beneath those cliffs - how could I see reality from there?

It only seems endless & forever.

I know better now. & I know something of how to shift my perspective for myself, & some things I know will provide the nudge in the right direction & get a little momentum going to move ne up & out. It gets easier & easier.


I can only take so much of those noisy cafes, Dools. Having the book to read, or having anything to focus your attention on, is a great idea for such difficult situations. Thinking of the visit to the noisy cafe as an opportunity to practice the things you learn which can help you be calm & at ease in such situationns. It's better to practise when you dont' have to.

Are you able to take some pride in this achievement?

I am aware it is very easy to dismiss appreciating our efforts & successes when we think 'everybody can do that' so when we have struggled to do what 'everybody' does, why not appreciate our effort & successes?

I would like to do better with giving myself some credit & appreciation, allow myself to feel pride in my achievements, without feeling uncomfortable, shy & even denying any praise is due.

I can, for now, like that I want to turn this around & feel genuinely pleased with my achievements.



Thanks Summer Rose - you managed to post while I was typing, I guess, but no worries, eh?

Somehow, not sure how, in some ways I have learned how to look after myself, & now I am learning I like being able to (at least sometimes) look after myself, doing what I can, & getting help for the rest. I'll be happy to learn that asking for help is okay.

Hugzies for you & your family