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Can you list what you like about yourself?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello everyone! [Grinning LRC*]

Please, as a challenge or to share, I would like to invite anyone & everyone to write a list of any length you want, of what you like about yourself.

We might even have a discussion about what to include on these lists or not.

Most of all, for this Discussion, I hope, for those who find this really difficult, that reading what others like about themselves will give you some ideas of what is possible. Maybe you will find you like some of these things about yourself?

Big hugzies to everyone


* LRC = Little Red cat, who wasn't really so little.

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mmMekitty, I also am not sure the person I was as a child has survived.  I think back over the things life has thrown at me and feel I lost a portion of me with each and every event.

I count myself very lucky to have had a great relationship with my maternal grandmother who, even though I was pre teen when she passed away, I remember was a very strong, resilient woman who was always proud of me regardless what I did.

there are times I don’t feel brave, in fact quite the opposite.  Feel like I’m facing the same demons and trying to fight them all over again.  Times I’ve wondered if it’s worth trying to fight and then I remember the hardships my grandmother would have gone through and seem to draw strength from these memories.