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Can you change being indecisive.?

Community Champion
Community Champion

I am indecisive. I could not even decide what this topic would be about. 
I find making life time decisions  or small decisions hard so end up making poor choices because I worry about what to decide.

Poor decision making skills has effected my relationships  with partners , family and work.


I would like people to share if the would like to

how they make decisions 

how they overcame being indecisive 

how they cope with being indecisive 



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Community Member

Hi quirkywords,


Great topic. I also struggle with indecision sometimes especially as it is a symptom of my depression. I also often feel torn between my gut and logical brain a lot. 


I personally found it valuable to take a decision making course on linkedin. I believe it was called 'problem solving techniques'. I learned about something called a multi criteria decision analysis. 


I would also learn how to cope with uncertainty. You can find more info here: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/mental-health/coping-with-uncertainty 


Hope that helps.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Bob thanks for that. Link. I will look at it