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An small step I took to help me get better/stay well

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I've been reading the threads from '3 things I did today that made me happy'.Also I've read lots on the forums about taking things minute by minute, day by day and taking baby steps.

So it occurred to me why don't we have a thread where we put down where we did that, no matter how small an action it is, because it's a bit of a 'Neil Armstrong' moment if you know what I mean (One small step for man....)It can be a huge emotional step.

Share and celebrate that with people who really get how huge it is for you.

So I'm putting it out there, here goes my first emotional 'bungy jump' I took.

I went to a funeral of a former student last week, very sad but also a confrontational time for me because many of my former workmates were there. It was hard to be there with them and bought back a lot of bad memories.

I had for 9 years thought most of them were friends and found out during the time of my injury,; emotional breakdown and leaving that they were'nt.The story is long and complicated and I'm not going into the details on how I was ostracized and why. I don't want or need advice on that as I've had that from my support people who know the whole story.

But  my point is, It was a hard morning but I survived it though exhausted and later when I got home I took out my mobile and deleted all thier numbers . And I cut the thread that was frayed and it felt good and a relief.


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Great post Yarartisan and great bungy jump, well done.

Over the last 30 years I have been through depression and anxiety, I have recovered a lot but one thing in all that time has not changed...a pack of cigarettes every day. 25 times a day i ignore the value I have for my true self.

So two weeks ago I busted a move, I saw a doctor. She was terrific, we had a great chat about it, the different options, the one I liked was starting to quit by cutting in half first...and I did. For the first time in about 30 years I smoked less than a pack a day, for two weeks now I have only smoked 10 per day, less than half what I usually smoke. Soon i will cut that in half...


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Thank you for sharing yarnartisan and excellent idea! I applaud you also on your bungy jump.

The beginning of this year was when I really started to make big changes in my life in regards to my wellbeing, one of those was loosing my best friend of seven years. Long story short, he got stuck in a manipulative relationship with one of my then-friends, and it got to the point where his girlfriend was abusing me so much through him that I had to cut out both of them from my life. It was absolutely heartbreaking, and even now looking at old photos of us having fun, I really struggle wondering how he's going. But without that negativity and abuse weighing me down, I've really managed to make something of this year so far. So I am really proud of myself for staying strong after that incident.


Fantastic work Jacko777. My best friend has tried to stop smoking more times than I can remember and nothing has ever worked for her.

But isn't it amazing how it just takes that one Dr/professional/or total stranger to say just the right thing to make something finally work for you.

Brilliant that you found that person, brilliant that you were able to achieve that much of a change so soon. I don't think people give the fact that smoking is such a multi-sense addiction enough credit, and that makes it such a massive change to give up. It's not just a chemical withdrawal, it's losing that way of relieving stress,chilling out,rewarding yourself for a bad day, and excuse to get away from people or place. Also I would have thought getting your palate to adjust to the taste change. Just like when you cut back on sugar and fat in food.And also the smell would also be missed.

So I think you've done an Everest bungy jump. Now make a plan on what to do with the money you must be saving,reward yourself!!

Good on you,


Thanks Narniakid,

I somehow knew you would get what I meant. And congrats on your own bungy jump. I agree I really needed to cut that link from all that negatvity/indirect bullying and emotional manipulation. The more distance I put between myself and my old life the more clarity I get and I'm sure I stand a little taller than I did.And when your as vertically challenged as me every mm helps.

How's the crochet going???

Your fellow crafter,



You are doing great Jacko777! Well done!