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Hi all,

From searching google I saw a post about this topic on the BB forums from five years ago. What was recommended was a couple of paid things (e.g., personal trainer).

There are communities on sites like Facebook and reddit, but these seem to be more geared around either lets have a big group and all motivate each other, or one on one and let’s drive each other in an entrepreneurial style....

I was more thinking of something non-paid, more altruistic where two people who want to improve their life and their habits mutually help each other. Like a one on one life coach sort of gentle caring motivator listening person - like myself .... those are hard to come by I guess, and they don’t tend to be public self promoting types.

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There’s no question having good people to talk to is like at least half of the solution to mental health. These ideally are friends but don’t have to be- this is why psychology works for some people.

But yeah totally i see the benefit of mh orgs- there’s a gap that can’t always be filled with family/friends/professional help, so it’d could be really good for you (not that I know your circumstances).

I’m doing face to face volunteering with a mental health org myself this Thursday arvo - just like getting to know the other ppl in the organisation atm but yeah I’m excited and nervous about it….

id love to know some of your story and/or what life is like for you sleepy, if you’re up for telling me any of it that is. I’ve seen you on quite a few threads now, you seem very caring. No pressure .