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borders re opening

Community Member
Hi everyone

Guess you’s heard of the borders re opening, just wondering what’s chance of the coronavirus coming to south australia and the chance of restrictions or lockdowns.

Wondering because am at a life point of needing and wanting own self contained space and either wanting to be able to quarantine seperate so you don’t possibly have to extend quarantine or not be affected because of a member and the place am living at is not big enough for that to happen.

Also am at a point of wanting and needing own self contained space and not wanting to be affected because of a household member and every time there’s lockdowns or certain restrictions the only thing you to get it at moment can do usually closes and you never know if or when it’s going to happen.

Am hoping to build something or renovate something cheap in next 5-10 years but needing something that’s not going to cost much to get through until then.

What could you do until it happens even if part time to start off with and in event that accomodation places close is there a way that you can register a part time place to go to like you can with a single person if you are single and live alone and not leave unless travelling between that and primary residence or essentials in lockdown or if restrictions close that can you register a part time accommodation place

What else could you do until you can buy as am waiting until am able to buy and feel there’s some hope it’s however going to take a long time and just trying to make do until then.

Am mostly happy living at current place at moment

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello again, i replied to your other post but wanted to respond to this one too 🙂

I believe a lot of South Australians including myself will be a bit concerned with the border opening since we have had no cases for a while, once the border opens there is a chance fr the virus to spread here however majority of people are doubled Vaxed which may stop the spread this time?

I understand your concern I am worried too, especially if you have a member in your house who may be at a greater risk.

Have you heard of serviced apartments which are around a 3 month stay? or long term air bnbs can be rented
In terms of your question I'm not 100% sure what else you can do it is really out of our hands

I understand how your feeling and I hope this helps

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi car10001,

I am also from SA and I agree it is certainly daunting that the borders are opening, especially because I am also immunocompromised.

But we are fortunate enough to have a good starting point and when we open & most people are vaxxed, we should be a lot safer. It is inevitable in my opinion, and we better brace ourselves. i totally understand your concerns as i am at higher risk too. all i can say is get your booster shot if you can, i will be when my doctors says so (you can get it earlier if you are immunocompromised) and just try to protect yourself and others the best that you can !

an air bnb could be an option as happy helper suggested in the meantime.

stay safe,