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A girl & her dog

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Got a pup & he has turned my life around far more than I had ever imagined.

He was a thought out & planned for addition to the family. coincidentally I was pretty much in the pit of despair with my depression. No getting out of bed, no showers, no proper meals, no job, no leaving the house etc etc

Then pup arrived & I suddenly had a reason to get out of bed. Initially just to feed him & have a cuddle. Then toilet training. Then finally I decided he needed exercise so the walking started.

Fast forward to today & looking back all these things have become routine since getting the dog:

I get out of bed at a set time
I shower
i brush hair & teeth
i dress
i walk dog
we stop at cafe & I get a coffee (not a usual activity on my own but I feel more confident with the dog)
started interacting with people as they would ask about the dog
suddenly I recognise certain dogs when I see them & I greet the owners
i discovered a park where people tend to let their dogs off leash for a run. I have taken my dog a couple of times. While the pups play I am kind of forced to interact it’s other people. I’m uncomfortable but it’s good practise for managing my anxiety
i plan different walk routes so the dog can experience new sights/sounds/smells
having a morning walk & coffee means when I get home I am motivated to do a small amount of cleaning eg do the dishes & pre prepare dinner
i am now cooking dinner as I have done all the prep earlier in the day

It might not seem like much, but it’s a huge turnaround for me. Both my psychiatrist & psychologist were surprised & happy by these changes the dog has brought about.

I can’t help it, I love the dog & want the best for him. Last week I went to obedience class with him & my partner. Sometimes my partner brings the dog to watch my soccer games. On weekends we go out to lunch to local cafes for the simple reason that I like to take the dog along & get him out of the house. In turn I get myself out of the house & interacting socially.

Today I even felt content. I have lacked feeling any emotions for so long, it just feels good to feel something.

This dog will never know it, but he has totally changed my world. My favourite moments are when he climbs up onto my lap in the lounge & we have cuddles. I should point out, this is a giant breed so he is a very BIG boy even at just 6mths old 🤣

i actually look forward to our morning walks every day now.

Thank you doggo for bringing some sunshine to my life

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey TheBigBlue,

What a wholesome post, I am so happy to hear that your doggo has sparked some joy in your life. What amazing progress you have made, you should be so proud of yourself! I'm sure he is also feeling all the love from you and your partner.

It's amazing to hear how much support a pet can offer you and how life changing this addition into your family can be. I guess the saying "Man's best friend" has really resonated in your situation. What breed is your pup if you don't mind me asking?

Community Champion
Community Champion

I am thrilled to read this post and hear your story TheBigBlue.

It's brilliant you have been able to gain so much more quality of life by adding this lovely member to your family and building a routine around it.

I can really relate to how dogs can support mental health. I got my dog 3 years ago and today he is a permanent part of my self-care routine. He gets keeps me company under my desk while I work, he cuddles me when I crave affection and he gets me out and moving when I take him for walks which always makes me feel good.

I say to my partner he is a therapist and a personal trainer all in one haha!

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Thank you so, so much for sharing this!

He is a Bernese Mountain Dog.

We had a good morning. Sunny days help make me happy too

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear TheBigBlue,

Thank you so much for a beautiful and inspiring post..It’s always very heartwarming reading your positive words...

I am so happy for you that you have added a little puppy to your family....although he won’t be little for long....I looked up Burmese Mountain Dog....and they are a beautiful breed... all breeds are beautiful....

I hope so much you gets lots of enjoyment, love and big kisses from your new family member...

So many fun times ahead of you...which you deserve so much...

My kind thoughts with human and puppy hugs🤗..


Eagle Ray
Community Member

Dear TheBigBlue,

That is so wonderful! I absolutely love dogs and can really relate to your post. I have lived with other people’s dogs but never owned my own.

I love watching the show The Dog House which has both a UK and Australian version where people come to find a dog who needs a home. So often people going through anxiety, depression, trauma or other life challenges are on the show and are greatly helped by getting a dog.

You are inspiring me to get one. I’ve put it off thinking I just need to be in a better place first, but sometimes a dog is the answer to getting to that better place.

They have the most wonderful energy and they do connect you with others when out and about. And doggy cuddles are the best 🐶💗

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely news 🥰

Community Member

Thanks every one for the kind words.

I love walking him every day, not sure the reasons behind it, but it just feels like I am having fun as opposed to doing a chore.

The routine is still going well. I know that not every situation will have a similar result as mine, so please do think carefully before deciding to get a pet.

That said, I am doing a trial shift at the dog groomers tomorrow. They are offering a traineeship so if tomorrow goes well, let’s just cross our fingers!

Hi Eagle Ray, did you know you can volunteer at many dog/cat shelters? They often need someone to walk the dogs which can be fun if you don’t have your own.

Thanks Grandy ❤️ They are such a docile breed. Our walks are slow & sedate, which suits me just fine. He now knows which coffee table I like to sit at, at the cafe, so he always heads straight to it. It does make me giggle when other people are already sitting there & he just plonks himself down right beside them. I have to entice him with a treat to get him to shift over to another table with me 🤣🤣

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear TheBigBlue,

I had a giggle when I read about your gorgeous puppy sitting at your usual table at the cafe, even if other people are sitting their...Hopefully they are nice and give puppy a pat...

My fingers are crossed for you TheBigBlue as well as everything else...I do hope so much that you get the traineeship...Wishing you all the good luck wishes that I have..

Kind thoughts dear TheBigBlue...with my care and a caring hugs for you and a big belly rub for puppy..


Dear TheBigBlue,

While I was in the city I had hoped to get a chance to volunteer at a dog shelter but had so much else happening I wasn’t able to. I’m now in a fairly small town but there is a dog kennel/boarding place nearby and I have thought of seeing if they need a hand there. That may be a good thing to do initially too before jumping in to get my own dog.

I’m so glad for you about the opportunity at the dog groomer’s. All the very best with it! It would be a fun job to get to meet all the different dog characters there.

I love the story about your doggy and the coffee table 😂