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A Bouquet for Pearls - share your appreciation for other members

Just Sara
Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Every now and then, members share a beautiful Pearl of Wisdom. How often do you think to yourself; "OMG that's great! I wish everyone could see this."

Presenting someone with a bunch of flowers is a generous way of acknowledging their insightful words.

I hope this thread stays active through members giving out praise regularly to people they feel deserving, and therefore keep generosity of spirit alive within the pages of BeyondBlue Forum.

My bunch of Red Roses (my choice) goes to Wishful for the following sentence;

  • 'Personally, I see no reason to be praised in me, but I'm learning that seeing through the eyes of others can be more accurate!!'

I so hear you Wishful. Just beautiful...

  1. Try to keep your leading comments short to focus on 'their' words.
  2. Choose specific flowers (or a gift if you like) to present to them.
  3. Sign off respectfully and sincerely.

I hope this takes off...

Spreading the love...Sara

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Hello to all the members who have found this new upgraded website difficult or even very nearly impossible to use, yet make the effort to remain contributing members of BB Forums.

I've chosen to give you each an Easter basket with hot cross buns, (gluten free if you would prefer), little, medium & large Easter eggs, of various kinds of chocolate & Meringue & mmMarshmallow Bunnies, & out-of-season spring flowers, & a prettily painted egg, which, if you keep it warm, will hatch a cute chick, which walks around chirping.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone….🤗..


Every person who has posted here for support or to give support deserves a beautiful bunch of flowers for their bravery in posting and time given to help support others here….Without knowing it your all helping so many people in their journeys towards better mental health…..for each of you a beautiful bunch of Daffodils, roses, poses and some fern greenery….always remember how awesomely beautiful you all are…


Also I’d like to give a special bunch of Australian dried flowers to mmMeKitty, Deebi, Paws, Guest 1055 and Quirky for being their for me with their love, support and care while I was going through a really rough 5 months of constant pain and unhealthy dark thoughts….


Thank you so much for helping me get through what I thought I wouldn’t…

Thank you to everyone for making these forums a beautiful and safe place to come to in our times of need…


Grandy…..hugs everyone..🤗



Community Member

Big thanks to mmMeKitty, gGrande, Emotions26 and everyone else I’ve met through the BB Social Zone, especially the Cafe.  Nice chats plus great areas to be able to go to get away from everything else that life throws my way and to reminisce about good times had

Would like to send fruit baskets to everyone I have met and spoken with through the forums.  At times has not been easy for me to put memories and feelings to paper.  My journey to facing emotionally painful things in my past is in early stages and, within last few days, find myself wanting to emotionally run and hide at times.  Everyone here has and is so supportive and has encouraged me to take each step forward, regardless how small or large those steps are.

Like to send bunches of flowers to BB for the forums and to those who have created forums in the Social Zone. To have somewhere online to be able to chat with other people who not only listen but hear the emotions linked to the words and have honest empathy for others who have chosen to share something of their own experiences to help give me encouragement.  To feel safe in sharing things knowing people will not critise or treat me as if there is something ‘wrong’ with me.  To have areas to go where can have fun and allow my mind to escape from the struggles that life throws my way.



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thank you, Patches & Grandy, for the lovely flowers. Sorry for how long it has taken me to say thank you. My only excuse is that I have been lost in their perfume.



Thanks to everyone who has been brave enough to write their post and to all those who think about and those who reply. A bunch of lavender coming your way.