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A Bouquet for Pearls - share your appreciation for other members

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Every now and then, members share a beautiful Pearl of Wisdom. How often do you think to yourself; "OMG that's great! I wish everyone could see this."

Presenting someone with a bunch of flowers is a generous way of acknowledging their insightful words.

I hope this thread stays active through members giving out praise regularly to people they feel deserving, and therefore keep generosity of spirit alive within the pages of BeyondBlue Forum.

My bunch of Red Roses (my choice) goes to Wishful for the following sentence;

  • 'Personally, I see no reason to be praised in me, but I'm learning that seeing through the eyes of others can be more accurate!!'

I so hear you Wishful. Just beautiful...

  1. Try to keep your leading comments short to focus on 'their' words.
  2. Choose specific flowers (or a gift if you like) to present to them.
  3. Sign off respectfully and sincerely.

I hope this takes off...

Spreading the love...Sara

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


I hope you feel REALLY loved here because you are.

Have a wonderful night and talk soon!

Love EM

Community Champion
Community Champion

Happy birthday Grandy . Hope you had a great day.
giving you a bouquet of scented flowers.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Thank you so much Quirky...

I love the scent of flowers..something very calming about the scent....

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Grandy, I must apologise for being late in wishing you a very Happy Birthday and would dearly love to send
you a bunch of red roses, all the very best.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Geoff...

Please don’t apologise....for being late in wishing me a happy birthday... I very much appreciate your kindness and.. the bunch of red roses....are so beautiful...

Thank you everyone for being the kind caring people you are.....


Community Champion
Community Champion

I want to send a bouquet of scented leaves and flowers to everyone who

is new and finding there way

is always welcoming to everyone

is patient with people who are not so technical

is humble enough to ask for help

is understanding and caring

I think that covers everyone on the forum,do Thats lots of bouquets.

I want to revive this post and give a bouquet to all those trying to find their way around the new forum. Well done and keep trying. 

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Dear quirky, I want to thank you, Dools, Monkey Magic, Paws, Hanna, GRANDY, CMF, Croix, Geoff, Tony WK, BG Paul, ALL the Sophie_Ms and YOU too, by being stalwart, strong and consistent members and posters in the forums. 

You are the STRENGTH of our BB family. 


Blues, a special thank you to you, my ethernet sister. 


All the wonderful NEW members we have now is very comforting that these forums will remain strong and only become stronger. Thankyou for staying and thank you for adding to our very supportive and loving family. 


On rereading my initial post tonight, I realised that I have overcome so much of what brought me to the BB forums. 
THANK GOODNESS I found you all. 


Thank you for helping me and my family find the way through the mire I / we arrived in. Things are so much better because WE are so much better! 

We have grown UP and grown so much stronger. I can truly attribute this to coming on to the forums. 


With eternal gratitude, 
Love EM

i really wish someone was thankful for me. on the forums & in real life. but that's never happened or ever will. it makes me very triggered & jealous reading things like how much people are loved.

Hi tealflowers,

How are you tonight? It sounds as though you're struggling with some low emotions and feeling very unloved and uncared for right now.

We just wanted to send you a really big big thank you for being you. We love each and every one of our community members, and we're thankful for you all to be honest.

This is such a beautiful, supportive and encouraging online space and it's because of people like YOU tealflowers, who make it this way.

It's a space like no other - where we can share our highs and lows to get and give support, play games, do gratitude exercises, and get to know each other...

If it wasn't for people like you tealflowers, this forum wouldn't be anywhere near as wonderful as it is...

But also just because you want and need some personal affirmation tonight, and to give you the validation and gratefulness that you're really craving and needing right now, tealflowers, we just want to say we really really do appreciate you, your voice, your contributions and your bravery, honesty, wisdom and willingness in this forum space!

Please take that as it's meant to be taken (sent with authentic good intentions).

p.s. If you're feeling extra down tonight tealflowers, please call one of our counsellors on 1300 22 4636, or even consider hopping onto webchat if you prefer to type, and connect with a friendly voice.

Warm regards,

Sophie M