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So...I came out

Community Member
I recently came out to my father as bisexual, and his reaction...was alright, I suppose. He seemed to not really care, so now I'm kinda worried as to what he thinks of me. Any ideas of what to do?
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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome

Well I suppose - no need to rock a stable boat.

People can think what they like and have the privacy of doing so. I suppose you are wondering if he is rejecting the thought and thinking negative of you now? Well, imo, it is his problem if thats the case. Also, if he is harbouring such feelings then that gives him time to adapt to the change.



Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Lyndis,

Congratulation on coming out to your dad! This is great news!

Sounds like his a very accepting and loving man, you must be over the moon.

Let us know how you go on your coming out journey with others.



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hateno village 🙂

congrats on coming out. i don't know your dad personally or what he's like so i can't really come up with anything; is he generally cool-headed like this? how is your relationship with him? if you need to know, you're brave enough, and you won't suffer repercussions for asking him the best course of action i can recommend as a person who does not know your father is sit him down and air out your worries to him

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yes, i have a special connection to the zelda series.

My father is pretty accepting of LGBTQ+, (He is apart of the LGBTQ+ community) so I think I'm probably just overreacting about the situation. He just assumes I'm too young to make a decision and that it might just be a phase.

But, thank you for your advice