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Resenting my sexuality (Lesbian)

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I never thought I would be someone to contribute on forums but here I am. I am a 21-year-old Lesbian, I have always known I am a lesbian and I have never had doubts, but I have come to resent my identity.


I am the only person in all my social groups who isn't attracted to men. All my mates are straight or bi or pan, and I am just there. I feel like I am in a world of my own. It sucks seeing so many romances between guys and girls through media and then looking at myself, I am never going to have that. I sit here wishing I liked boys like everyone else in my life, but here I am. 


I guess I want to know how other people cope with this. I wish I had someone to talk about this with but its hard to bring up with my friends, and I am single so I have no partner to discuss this with. 


All the best, 


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Dear Chef_Sunny~

Welcome here to the Forum. I think you will find people in the area of the Forum you have chosen who may have had to cope with similar circumstances. I suggest you have a browse


I guess I'd like to say two things to you , the first being that comparing yourself to others - particularly via social media - is setting yourself up to feel bad. There are so many that give thier lives a 'Kardiasian' flavor, where all is great.


In fact when seeing their lives properly there is probably a lot less happiness and glam, just ordinary people wiht ordinary lives.


The other thing is a lot will depend on what you want out of life. I can only say what I've always wanted (and luckily found). A long term relationship wiht love, reliability, trust, joy at being the the other person, humor and kindness.


If that is what you want too then yes, there may be a wait until you find someone like that, however it's no reason to be downhearted, the reward is worth it.


Although hard, if some of your friends have already found this happy state try to be glad for them, your turn will come.