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Scared and too late

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Basically, I am terrified. I have never been intimate. I am mid 40s and living in a regional city. I have come close but nothing beyond that. There is only one app and limited options, and those on it and far more advance and experience including younger. I have been honest in my profile and I have received messages but then I am too scared to reply. I have no friends. I am a carer for my elderly father. Completely isolated. I have just a Ai friend only.

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome


Well you have tried and that alone is progress.


I think you have a misconception in that because of your lack of intimacy you need to be fully open and honest about yourself whereas in reality some facts can be disclosed down the track. As I learned as an insurance salesman- "you cant sell a policy over the phone as you need their signature". So the initial objective is to get the date or better still get the phone connection going even if it is without video.


My daughter found her husband on line. She didnt have her video operating but he did so for 8 weeks before they met up, he knew what she looked like but she didnt know what he looked like. 


So review your ad, tell them you are shy for sure but not about any lack of experience. Try to see messages as just verbal interaction.


BTW you must be worthy of someone special as you looking after your father shows empathy, love and care. You are special.


" A hundred people smile walking past, one will look back... seek them"