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Making friends as an adult

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I'm 25 and honestly really struggling with making friends as an adult. I find that a lot of the people I talk to either already have their friendship group or just spend all their time with their partner. I love my partner and have some girlfriends, but just feel like we need more people to socialise with. How do you find friends as an adult? I study and work and just find it impossible to meet people. Does anyone feel the same? Or is it just me 

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Community Champion

Anna5231  thanks for your post. 
It is hard as an adult to make friends.

Going on walks with others on a fun run, 

a dinging group, a creative group, a music group, really any activity you can share with others. 
thanks for your post.


Hey Anna5231, thanks for sharing. Lonliness is very relatable for many of us so well done for starting this thread for other’s to see.


Have you considered what kind of socialisation you already participate in, and whether you can enhance that? For example, maybe there’s people you know that have common interests, and together you could look on apps like MeetUp or Facebook to find like-minded people to attend events and activities.


Another option could be volunteer work - there’s a saying that sometimes the best way to help ourselves is to help others. Maybe if you found a cause your passionate to volunteer with you could make some friends this way. I find it’s easier to get to know and bond with people over a shared activity and common goal.


You’re not alone in this, don’t lose hope - your tribe is out there waiting for you 🙂