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Is it still a phase 8 years later

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
So I’m 14 now, I’ve been attracted to girls since I was just a little kid, I had little silly boyfriends but I was more attracted to girls, I thought It was just a phase sort of thing. I grew up still being turned on by girls. I was scared at this point. I’m now 14 and still very attracted to girls, I’ve had a few boyfriends and it was fun, but I’m not sexually attracted to men. I’m sexually attracted to women, just don’t find men’s private parts normal.. (I’m still a virgin but I don’t like men’s down there so I probably will be for quite a long time) I’m scaredthat if I ask someone if this is wrong I’ll be judged for liking girls more. Am I bi? Is it still a phase? I’m too scared to tell anyone because I just too afraid... Please help.
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Vegetarian Marshmallow
Community Member

I don't think there's any point putting labels like "bi", "gay", "straight" on it.  There are people who are only sexually attracted to one gender and only emotionally attracted to the other, people who are attracted to buildings, people attracted to certain ethnicities.  Maybe someone only ever liked guys and then they one day discovered they liked one particular girl.  It's all the same.  Like who you like and do what you like in the bedroom as long as it's legal and no-one gets hurt.