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the next steps

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 I finally went to a Mental Health clinic to discuss my depression & alcohol abuse, It was great  & my assessor was absolutely wonderful to talk with. Overall I've made the first steps to recovery & contacted alcohol support groups which have suggested I should go to Rehab to not only stop abusing alcohol to forget who I am but also to remember the person I was before heavily drinking & reconnect with myself. So it's a start, my family are giving me the silent treatment a bit but maybe that's because of me, who knows I'm just focused on the next step. I woke up feeling weird today with slight anxiety & still feel anxious, surprisingly though I don't feel like a drink but that may change later on in the day.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Violet Eyes

I am glad that your visit to the clinic was positive.  A great start to your recovery.

I had a alcohol problem for a number of years.  I had been unhappy/depressed for a long time and, I guess, self-medicated with alcohol.  It made me relax and also happy (I was always a happy drunk).  What I did not realise that while the short term effect made me feel good, the long term effect was debilitating>  Alcohol being depressant, just kept feeding my already depressed mind.  In the end I had a total melt down.  I have not touched alcohol since, and have no craving for it.  

I am happy that you are making an effort to address your drinking now before it makes you worse.  It won't be easy, but set your mind to it and you can do it.

Of course, if you are having difficulties, please share with us and I, or someone else, maybe able to help with some suggestions.

Good luck and take care,


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Violet Eyes, I am so pleased that you have got back to us, which is exactly what I wanted you to do, so that's a great effort.

Depression and alcohol go hand in hand, and I was no different as I self medicated on it as well, but it was one reason why my wife divorced me, any way what I would to suggest to you is that there is specific medication that will reduce any craving for alcohol, it's just stops the want or desire to drink, and even if you do drink you won't get any buzz from it.

Your doctor will know about this medication and unfortunately I am not allowed to mention it on the site, the only concern is what you would do when it's time to start drinking, so you will have to find something to do instead.

I know that it works, so can I suggest that that you take this medication while you are in rehab.

I'm so pleased to hear back from you and please reply back when you can. L Geoff. x