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GLBT No wonder we are depressed seriously

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I dont want to make this political about Gay Marriage but hell, no wonder so many are depressed I mean really for the last 15 years  people have said maybe 'in a YEAR..after year. things will be totally different for us all....  So when you don't get to have a normal  love life, and kids, you begin to wonder why am I even here...what's my purpose...why bother doing anything if I'm going to come home to an empty house for the rest of my life?. At least straight folks have a purpose and a reason to do something with their lives Marry and have kids and a plan... they have people depending on them. They have partners to share a life with and an incentive to work hard so they can enjoy those special getaways together and plan things properly. Why bother doing anything, when i always feel second class?, I'm tired of it not getting any younger either , I dont want to be 60 and still feel like this??, NZ has done it , It's like i dont want to go on another year feeling second class, please hurry up!! people die! .......Thanks TC
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If only global warming were about unconditional unconditional love Scotty.  Adios, David.

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Ah my friend this is a difficult issue. People have a right to purpose as you say. You should not feel second class as you as not. I have met many gay people and have cared about many including my first sister in law who was gay and I liked her partners. Unfortunately she took her life on Christmas day 1990. I still remember of course. As a professional musician I met a lot of gay folks whom I really liked. I am as straight as they come having been married 3 times. I wish you all the best.


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dear Scotty, your life is a normal love life to you, just as mine is, as I live by myself with only my new F-Troop puppie who is fast asleep on ONE of her chairs with her full belly.

I've had the experience of being married for 25 years, but I would never remarry, sure if the option fell my way to have someone wanting to enjoy my company or vice-versa, then that may happen, but I would never live with anyone again 24/7.

Sometimes our politicians or should I say most of the time they have ideas that lack any general support and are only thought through based on their own personal beliefs, which are far way of what the majority think. Geoff.

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Thanks everyone, love is love i guess right?, Denis sorry regarding your friend..far to many do. Times are changing for the better, just have to keep positive TC 🙂

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it sucks that it is not happening yet in Australia, i suppose just take comfort in the fact that we are living in the time of change, and your voice is part of that change.  it will happen soon as momentum forms in the advocacy and in the people movement towards equality.

be an example in your life for history to reveal

i thin people opposed to it are gonna look back and be so embarrassed.

on a lighter note ive heard new zealand is very nice, lol  a mass exodus might make it clear to the powers that be